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Ziegler is a common German surname meaning "brick-maker" and may refer to the following people:



Fictional characters[edit]


  • David Ziegler (1748–1811), military officer of the Continental Army, Society of the Cincinnati
  • Joachim Ziegler (1904–1945), SS-Brigadeführer and recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves
  • William Smith Ziegler (1911–1999), Canadian general in World War II


  • Anne Ziegler (1910–2003), English singer, wife of Webster Booth
  • Klaus Martin Ziegler (1929–1993), German choral conductor, organist and Protestant church musician
  • Adrian von Ziegler (1989–present), Swiss independent musical composer, instrumentalist and music producer


  • A. H. Ziegler (1889–1972), American lawyer and politician
  • Bob Ziegler (1921–1991), American lawyer and politician, son of A. H. Ziegler
  • Erich Ziegler (1914–2004), German politician and anti-Nazi resistance activist
  • Ron Ziegler (1939–2003), Richard Nixon's press secretary and assistant to the president


  • Clemens Ziegler, 16th-century German gardener and religious leader in Strasbourg, influenced by the Anabaptists and indirectly connected to Martin Bucer
  • Gregorius Thomas Ziegler (1770–1852), Benedictine monk and bishop of Linz
  • Ignaz Ziegler (1861–1948), Austrian rabbi
  • Jacob Ziegler (c. 1470 – 1549), German humanist and theologian, itinerant scholar of geography and cartographer

Scientists and academics[edit]



  • Bernard Ziegler (born 1933), French, former Airbus director of engineering, son of Henri Ziegler
  • Hans K. Ziegler (1911–1999), German pioneer in the field of satellite technology


Other uses[edit]