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Zielona Góra-Babimost Airport

Port Lotniczy Zielona Góra-Babimost
Airport typePublic
OperatorPrzedsiębiorstwo Państwowe "Porty Lotnicze" (PPL)
ServesZielona Góra, Poland
Elevation AMSL59 m / 194 ft
Coordinates52°08′19″N 015°47′55″E / 52.13861°N 15.79861°E / 52.13861; 15.79861 (Zielona Góra-Babimost Airport)Coordinates: 52°08′19″N 015°47′55″E / 52.13861°N 15.79861°E / 52.13861; 15.79861 (Zielona Góra-Babimost Airport)
IEG is located in Poland
Location of airport in Poland
Direction Length Surface
m ft
06/24 2,500 8,202 Concrete
Statistics (2017)
Passengers17,702 Increase 87,46%

Zielona Góra Airport (Polish: Port Lotniczy Zielona Góra-Babimost) (IATA: IEG, ICAO: EPZG) is a regional airport located within the greater Zielona Góra agglomeration (the so-called Lubusian Tri-city) in western Poland. It lies 10 km (6.2 mi) from Sulechów, or 35 km (22 mi) northeast[1] of the Zielona Góra city centre.

The airport is situated in the village of Kramsko, near the town of Babimost, 95 km (59 mi) west of Poznań (population 581,000), 90 km (56 mi) east from the German border, and 170 km (110 mi) from the center of Berlin. The airport's catchment area consists of 3 million inhabitants of the Lubusz Land (Polish: Ziemia Lubuska) and western Greater Poland (Wielkopolska).

The airport is the 14th busiest in Poland, or last among currently functioning with scheduled traffic. It has recently been taken over from the Polish Army by the regional authorities, but it is run by the state enterprise Porty Lotnicze (PPL), the operator of Warsaw's airport. There is a dispute, whether a separate company created by the regional authorities should take over the management of the airport, as the PPL is managing it without any commercial success.


The airport is a former military base. Its construction started in 1954. Airport began its service on 10.10.1957. A MiG-15 is parked adjacent to the terminal building, reflecting the former airport’s military origins.[2]

First passenger terminal was opened in 1977, but even before some passenger flights already operated from the airport. One of such first passenger flights took place in 1961 (21.07.1961), carrying Jurij Gagarin on his visit to Zielona Góra. It has a record of serving domestic traffic to and from Warsaw and Gdańsk since 1977. First flights were served 2 times weekly to Warsaw, Gdańsk route was also operated in the 1970-ties. The airport operated passenger traffic (2 connections daily) between Warsaw and Zielona Góra until September 2004, when, after 33 years of service, the state-owned Polish Airlines LOT discontinued the route, following ownership changes at the airport: The army stopped using it as its military base and dismantled some of its equipment.

After the army left the airport in 2004, the property was rented to the regional authorities in 2005, so that the airport new owner could start developing the airport. Massive shifts in the Polish airline market caused financial problems for the former monopolist state-owned carrier LOT, resulting in suspension of the Warsaw service, because LOT could not find suitable mid-sized aircraft for this route.

Recently this has changed, and since the end of 2005, two daily flights to Warsaw were operated by Jet Air for LOT, later reduced to one. As of 2008 Jet Air was the second airline serving the airport, without any ties to LOT. The local government subsidized these flights so that they may take place at all.

In the following years the airport served multiple destinations in domestic traffic: new routes to Gdańsk and Kraków were opened, an international connection to Dresden was opened in summer 2009, but all these destinations were discontinued. The flights to Warsaw operated with intermediate stops in Poznań or Bydgoszcz. List of former destinations include: Kraków, Gdańsk, Poznań, Bydgoszcz, Dresden. There is no international traffic at the airport, except for charter services to southern Europe. Such charter flights took place in September and October 2015. In summer season 2015 the airlines flying to and from the airport served 8 charter routes as well as regular flights. New charter operations were performed by Enter Air, Small Planet Airlines, SUNExpres. Destinations served in 2015 included: Antalia (Turkey); Maiorka and Tenerife (Spain); Korfu, Rodos, Kos (Greece); Agadir (Maroko); Dubrovnik (Chorvatia). In 2016 the airport served occasional charter flight to Las Palmas and to Lviv in Ukraine.

The idea of attracting international traffic, in the form of cargo flights, for the region of western Wielkopolska and Lubusz Land has resulted in a signed agreement between the local government and the management, but nothing concrete came of that yet.

In January 2017, it has been announced that the airports only scheduled route to Warsaw Chopin Airport will be handed over from SprintAir to LOT Polish Airlines.[3]

Airport infrastructure[edit]


Zielona Góra airport has a single asphalt-concrete runway in the direction of 06/24. The runway is 2,500 m long, 60 meters wide and it is equipped with a modern ILS CAT I allowing aircraft to land in foggy weather. Airport elevation is 59.0 m. The runway has two exit taxiways leading to two parking aprons where up to 10 middle-sized aircraft (e.g. Boeing 737 or Airbus 321) can be parked. The airport also has an apron used in winter for de-icing of aircraft. Fuel available: Avgas 100 LL, Jet A1, fuel capacities : Avgas 100 LL - 7.500 l, Jet A 1 - 18.000 l, fire safety protection: Category VI. Light navigation of the runway: Direction 24 - standard 900 m high intensity approach lighting system with centerline sequenced flashers (category I). Visual system : 4-light PAPI on left (3.00 degrees glide path) on both directions (24 and 06). New light navigation of the runway - Cat. 1. NDB: 390 kHz „BBM”, DVOR/DME ZLG : 110,650 MHz

Passenger terminals[edit]

Zielona Gora Airport has two passengers terminals (T1 and T2), of which only Terminal T2 is fully functional and has large capacity. The airport possesses a passenger terminal T1 of a modest capacity of 150,000 passengers yearly. This is a medium-sized passenger terminal T1 used for deparatures. Terminal T1 was built in 1977 and is currently being used for departures (passport control and boarding). In 2015, a new passenger terminal (arrivals hall T2) was constructed, increasing the airport capacity to serve passenger traffic. Terminal T2 is used for arrivals and charter services. There is no check-in or any other airport services in Terminal T2. The old terminal, called Terminal T1, has 2 check-in desks, a basic luggage transport and sorting facility and a medium-sized departure area with 1 or 2 gates. However, after the completion of the new arrival area, the maximum capacity of the airport is estimated at 0,3 million passengers per year.

The post-military airport ranks second in Poland in terms of its infrastructure surface, such as taxiways and aprons, and has a good quality concrete runway 2,500 m × 60 m (8,202 ft × 197 ft). It is specified as PCN 45/R/B/W/T. The airport can handle up to 10 Boeing 737s on its taxiways and aprons (apron size: 569 m × 94 m (1,867 ft × 308 ft)). Main apron has 10 positions, including 10 positions for class B 737 (569m x 94m). There is also a smaller apron in front of the main terminal building. In total there are 6 separate airplane parking spots. In September and October 2015 the airport took over the charter operations from Poznan- Lawica airport that was undergoing runway renovation at that time. To serve increased passenger traffic, new parking lots were temporarily arranged, and a new terminal was opened for passenger traffic.

Cargo terminals[edit]

There is a small cargo terminal located next to the passenger terminal T1. The airport served cargo flights in the past, there is no data on current cargo operations from the airport. There are plans to increase cargo operations in the future.

Airlines and destinations[edit]

The following airlines serve regular scheduled and charter services to and from Zielona Góra:[4]

LOT Polish Airlines Warsaw-Chopin[3]

The nearest larger international airport is Poznań–Ławica Airport approx. 95 km to the east.

Ground transportation[edit]


The following city bus lines connect the airport: To Zielona Góra-Centre, Bus Station, Route PKS - deparature 4:00 am from Main Bus Terminal (Dworzec PKS) in Zielona Góra via bus stops in Zielona Góra at Palmiarnia hill- at the carpark. However, the bus to the airport is nearly not advertised anywhere (the schedule was removed from the airline's website and there is no schedule at the bus stops of the airport bus in Zielona Góra) and only well-oriented passengers know where it stops. Schedule of bus line Dami Airport bus. There ia also a minibus service to Gorzów Wielkopolski that needs to be booked in advance. There is also a bus stop in Nowe Kramsko village, some 1,5 km from the airport (15 minutes walking distance), that is served by local bus companies (Dami, PKS Zielona Góra) quite frequently.


Land connections to Poznań (the largest city in the area) use the newly opened motorway (its junction lies 21 km (13 mi) northeast of the airport terminal), as well as the newly renovated railway line (Zbąszynek, an important rail terminus for the regional trains from Poznań, lies 10 km (6.2 mi) from the airport).


There exists a railroad spur next to the terminal that can be used for passenger service. Alternatively, it has been proposed that a train station be put on the well-frequented electrified rail line connecting Zielona Góra with Poznań, that passes only 1 km (0.62 mi) from the terminal. The trip to Poznań by train would then take less than an hour. There is an ongoing debatte, whether the airport should be connected to regional rail system by constructiong a 2-km rail line that would connect the existing airport branch rail line with the passenger terminal. Local authorities are against such plans. The airport has an unused rail station that is located at the eastern side of the runway. There is a 2 km distance between the exiting but disused rail stationand the terminals of the airport. In many similar airports (Lublin, Olsztyn- Szymany, Szczecin- Goleniów) the rail connections to the airports are already operated or will soon be opened for passenger traffic.


Year Passengers Cargo kg Operations
1999 198 0 100
2000 207 0 36
2001 5624 0 615
2002 7598 0 681
2003 7813 0 1237
2004[5] 3949 0 400
2005[5] 427 0 163
2006[5] 8316 0 1107
2007 6739 0 714
2008 5237 0 614
2009 2955[6] 3929[7] 642
2010 3637[6] 5205[7] 668
2011 6940[6] 1591[7] 328
2012 12 276[8] ? ?
2013 12 568 ? ?

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