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Industry Manufacturing
Headquarters Deggendorf, Germany
Products Amusement rides, roller coasters
Number of employees
50 (approx.)
Website www.zierer.com
Wicked at Lagoon Park, manufactured by Zierer

Zierer is a German company located close to Deggendorf. Zierer manufactures Tivoli and Force line of roller coasters, as well as panoramic wheels, wave swingers, flying carpets, Hextentanz and Kontiki rides. The company also has partnered with Schwarzkopf to build Lisebergbanan at Liseberg and Knightmare at Camelot Theme Park.

Notable installations[edit]

Name Model Location Opened Status
Air Grover Force - 190 Busch Gardens Tampa Bay 2010 Operating
Autosled Custom Galaxyland 1985 Operating
Astro Storm Four Man Bob Brean Leisure Park 2011 Operating. Previously located at Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Beaver Land Mine Ride Large Tivoli Geauga Lake 2000 Relocated
Harley Quinn Crazy Train (Formally Known as Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train) Large Tivoli Six Flags Great Adventure 1999 Operating
Catwoman's Whip Family Six Flags New England 2000 Operating
Cobra Junior Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2000 Operating
Flitzer Junior Morey's Piers 1983 Operating
Grover's Alpine Express Force - 190 Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2009 Operating
Hoot N Holler Out and Back Darien Lake 1981 Operating
Hundeprutterutchebane Family BonBon-Land 1993 Operating
Jaguar! Custom Tivoli Knott's Berry Farm 1995 Operating
Kikkerachtbaan Family Duinrell 1985 Operating
Linnunrata Force - Custom Linnanmäki 2000 Operating
Lisebergbanan Custom Liseberg 1987 Operating
Pepsi Orange Streak Custom Nickelodeon Universe 1992 Operating
Polar X-plorer Elevated Seating Legoland Billund 2012 Operating
Timber Twister Custom Tivoli Gilroy Gardens 2001 Operating
Tom y Jerry Large Tivoli Parque Warner Madrid 2002 Operating
Vauhtimato Family Särkänniemi 1984 Operating
Verbolten Elevated Seating Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2012 Operating[1]
Wicked Tower Launch Lagoon Amusement Park 2007 Operating
Wild West Express Coaster Small Tivoli Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park 2012 Operating
El Vigia Large Tivoli Parque de la Costa 1998 Operating
Impulse Tower (Chain Lift) Knoebels Amusement Resort 2015 Operating


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