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Map showing the Zi River basin

The Zi Jiang (also Zishui River or Zi River; S.Chinese: 资江 or 资水; T.Chinese: 資江 or 資水; pinyin: zī jiāng; Wade-Giles: Tzu¹-chiang¹) is one of the four largest rivers in Hunan province of China, also one of the main tributaries of the Yangtze River. It is 653 kilometres (406 mi) long and covers 28,214 square kilometres (10,893 sq mi) of which 26,728 square kilometres (10,320 sq mi) is in Hunan.

The Zijiang has two sources, the South and the West. Originating from the norh side of Yuechengling Mountains in Ziyuan County of Guangxi, the South source, Daxishui River flows through Xinning, Shaoyang. Origination from the Huangmajie in Chengbu county, the West source, Heshui River flows through Wugang and Longhui.

The two rivers flow until they join the main river named Zijiang River at Shuangjiangkou in Shaoyang county. Then the Zijiang runs through Shaoyang, Xinshao, Lengshuijiang, Xinhua, Anhua and Taojiang, empties into the Dongting Lake at Ganxikou in Yiyang.

The four largest rivers in Hunan are: the Xiang River, the Yuan Jiang, the Zijiang River and the Lishui River.

Coordinates: 28°48′00″N 112°37′59″E / 28.8°N 112.633°E / 28.8; 112.633