Zillur Rahman John

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Zillur Rahman John
Born Bangladesh
Occupation Mime, author

Zillur Rahman John is a mime and pantomime artist and author of mime books from Bangladesh.


Zillur Rahman John participated many international theatre and mime festivals in different countries since 1989. John had been invited and performed some of the festivals like Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival 1998 - Malaysia (Kualalumpur); Asian Monordrama Festival 1997, 1998, 2006 - Korea (Seoul, Kongju); Asian Monodrama Festival 1997 - Malaysia (Kualalumpur); Asian Mime Festival 1996 - Japan (Tokyo); Kawagachiko Mime Festival 1996 - Japan (Kawagachiko); Tokyo Mime Festival 1996 - Japan (Tokyo); International Amateur Theatre Festival 1996 - Japan (Toyoma); International Children Theatre Festival 1996 - Japan (Toyoma); International Non-Verabl Arts Festival 1993 - India (Kolkata); India Theatre Olympiad 1993 - India (New Delhi); International Children Theatre Festival 1999 - India (Mumbai); Manila Theatre Festival 1997 - Philippines (Manila); Cultural Festival 2002 - Australia (Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne); Asian Mime Night 2010 - Thailand (Bangkok); Cultural Festival 1998 - Singapore; Summer Festival of Theatre 1996 - Finland (Helsinki); Jeju (Cheju) Island Mime Festival 1998 - Korea (Jeju Island); Asian Mime Night 1998 - Korea (Inchoen); Bali Cultural Festival 2002 - Indonesia (Bali Island); One Act Play Festival 2008- Canada; World Health Food Program Cultural Night 2004 - Bangladesh (Dhaka); First Mime and Pantomime Festival 1991 - Bangladesh (Dhaka); International Day of Anti - Racism 2009, City of Edmonton, Canada.


He directed solo, duet, trio, group and mimodrama productions in Asia, Europe, Australia, North America, Scandinavia. John conducted innumerable international workshops and classes since 1989.


Author of several Mime and Pantomime books. Contributed more than 200 articles on Arts and Culture published in the Encyclopedia of Bangladesh (Banglapedia), published by the Asiatic Societies of Bangladesh.

Notable performance[edit]

Zillur Rahman John performed the character "Mandarin" in the production of "The Miraculous Mandarin".


In 1993, his Dhaka Pantomime troup won the Best Performance Award in group mime from Kolkata, India at the International Festivals of Non-Verbal Arts organized by the India committee of the International Organization of Performing Arts (IOPA).[1] In 2009 John was honoured by the City of Edmonton, Canada, with the City of Edmonton Cultural Diversity in the Arts Award.[2]

Charitable activities[edit]

John was the director of the Centre for Ethnic Children, a child protection NGO in Bangladesh.[3]

"IPEC-funded theatre programme against child trafficking in Bangladesh.". International Labour Organization. Retrieved 5 March 2010.


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