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The Zilveren Harp (Silver Harp) is a Dutch award given annually to promising musical talent. The award is very prestigious and winners are chosen by a different jury each year. The Zilveren Harp is given by the foundation "Buma Cultuur", which aims to promote Dutch music.

The first award was given in 1969, and it has been presented every year since (except for the year 1972).

Buma Cultuur also presents the Gouden Harp award, which is given to an artist for his entire oeuvre and Buma Export Award for acts which are successful abroad.


The winners are announced at the end of the year, but the presentation is usually in February of the next year. [1]

Year Winner(s)
1969 Lenny Kuhr, Marinus Gerritsen, George Kooymans and Herman van Veen
1970 Saskia & Serge and Hans Bouwens & Jan Visser (both George Baker Selection)
1971 Loeki Knol, Frits Lambrechts and Thijs van Leer
1972 No award(s) presented.
1973 Earth & Fire, Greenfield & Cook and Euson
1974 Don Quishocking, Fon Klement and Wally Tax
1975 Marjol Flore and Robert Long
1976 Alexander Curly, Peter Schaap and Tekstpierement
1977 Nelleke Burg, Wieteke van Dort, Ad Kraamer and Anita Meyer
1978 Tol Hansse and Clous van Mechelen
1979 Herman Brood & His Wild Romance, Flairck and Massada
1980 Sietse Dolstra, Margriet Markerink, New Adventures and Ad Visser
1981 André Hazes, Maywood, NAR and Spargo
1982 Doe Maar, Fay Lovsky and Daniël Sahuleka
1983 Het Goede Doel, Cherry and Toontje Lager
1984 Frank Boeijen Groep, Noodweer, Roberto Jacketti & The Scooters and Pluche & Plastic
1985 Gerard Joling, Julya Lo'ko, Mai Tai and Frisse Jongens
1986 Nadieh
1987 De Dijk, Frizzle Sizzle and Richenel
1988 De Meisjes, The Fatal Flowers and René Froger
1989 Loïs Lane, Ruth Jacott and Tambourine
1990 Stef Bos, Tröckener Kecks and Carmen Sars
1991 Gordon, Esther Tuely and Robby Valentine
1992 Ryan van den Akker, Ernst-Daniël Smid and Rowwen Hèze
1993 De Jazzpolitie and Valensia
1994 Doop, Intermezzo and Van Dik Hout
1995 Frans Bauer, DJ Paul Elstak and Vitalis
1996 Eboman, Skik and Total Touch
1997 Acda en de Munnik, Caesar, Trijntje Oosterhuis and Junkie XL
1998 Bløf, Postmen and Maarten van Roozendaal
1999 Ferry Corsten, André Manuel and Krang and Dyzack
2000 Krezip and Niet Uit Het Raam (NUHR)
2001 Brainpower, DJ Tiësto, De Kift and Green Lizard
2002 Within Temptation, Beef and Relax
2003 Spinvis, Peter Pan Speedrock and Tasha's World
2004 Ali B, Kasper van Kooten, Alain Clark and The Sheer
2005 Stevie Ann, Thomas Berge and Pete Philly & Perquisite
2006 a balladeer, Nick & Simon and Opgezwolle
2007 3js, The Opposites, Wouter Hamel
2008 Ziggi, Typhoon, Room Eleven
2009 Bertolf Lentink, Giovanca, Colin Benders (Kyteman)
2010 Caro Emerald, Frans Duijts, Sander van Doorn


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