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Zim or ZIM may refer to:

  • Zimbabwe, a landlocked country located in the southern part of the African continent, between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers
    • Air Zim, the national airline of Zimbabwe
    • Zim dollar, the Zimbabwean dollar (Z$) was the official currency of Zimbabwe from 1980 to 12 April 2009
  • Zim, Minnesota, USA
  • Žim, Czech Republic
  • Zim, language code of the Mesme language
  • Zero (refractive) Index Metamaterial
  • Nzime, a people of Cameroon
  • GAZ-12 ZIM, a Soviet limousine
  • Zim Integrated Shipping Services (formerly Zim American Israeli Shipping), an Israeli sea freight company and one of Israel's largest companies


Film and television[edit]


Given or nickname[edit]

  • Don Zimmer (born 1931), nicknamed "Zim," a former Major League Baseball manager and coach
  • Eugene Zimmerman (1862-1935), American cartoonist who signed his work "Zim"
  • Zim Ngqawana (1959–2011), South African musician
  • Zim Zum (born 1969), American rock musician
  • Zim (character), the fictional title character from the Invader Zim television series
  • Zim, a fictional character (nephew of Yzma) in the 2000 animated film The Emperor's New Groove
  • Charles Zim, a Starship Troopers character from the 1959 novel and film series


  • Herbert Zim (1909–1994), naturalist, author, editor, and educator
  • Jake Zim, senior Vice President of Digital Marketing for Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Sol Zim (real name: Solomon Zimelman, born 1939). Jewish American cantor.

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