Zimbabwe People's Democratic Party

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Zimbabwe People's Democratic Party
Leader Isabel Shanangurai Madangure
Founded 1991
Headquarters P.O. Box 4001
Ideology Democratic socialism
Social democracy
International affiliation None
Colours Black, Red, Yellow, Green

The Zimbabwe People's Democratic Party is a political party in Zimbabwe. After the last legislative elections, March 31, 2005, the party remained without parliamentary representation.

In May 2007, the Party elected Lameck Batirai as its candidate for the June 2007 Zaka East House of Assembly by-election to fill a vacancy left following the death of Tinos Rusere.

The Zimbabwe People’s Democratic Party (ZPDP) aims to return political power to the hands of the common people. The Party was formed in opposition to Robert Mugabe’s government in 1991 and is led by the first woman in history to challenge the presidency of an African nation. The party has consistently opposed ZANU-PF.

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