Zinaida Aksentyeva

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Zinaïda Aksentieva
Аксентьєва Зінаїда Миколаївна

July 25, 1900
DiedApril 8, 1969 (1969-04-09) (aged 68)
EducationOdessa University
OccupationAstronomer, Geophysicist

Zinaïda Mikolaïevna Aksentieva (July 25, 1900 – April 8, 1969)[1] was a Ukrainian/Soviet astronomer and geophysicist.[2][3]


Aksentieva or Aksentyeva was born in Odessa in 1900. She graduated from Odessa University in 1924. She worked on mapping gravity and her observatory was one of the first to be able to accurately find the centre of the earth. She worked in Poltava Observatory. She became observatory director in 1951. Her areas of study were tidal deformation of the earth and gravimeter Earth profiles.

She has a crater on Venus that is named in her honour.[4]

Aksentieva died in 1969 in Poltava where her observatory was.


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