Zinaida Irutė Dargienė

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Zinaida Irutė Dargienė
Born Mažeikiai, Lithuania
Nationality Lithuanian
Known for Textiles

Zinaida Irutė Dargienė (born 1936 in Mažeikiai, Lithuania) is a Lithuanian textile artist.[1]


She attended the Kaunas School of Applied Arts in Lithuania from 1953–1959 after which she attended the Vilnius Academy of Arts, (Kaunas Textile Arts Department) from 1960–1965. In 1997 she did an internship at Shankar School of Arts, Israel.

Member of Lithuania Artists Association since 1971. Honour Member of Textile Workers and Artists’ Guild. Participating in exhibitions since 1966 in Lithuania and abroad.


1965–1972 Designer at Kaunas Silk Amalgamation factory. 1972–1990 Independent Artist. 1990 – Associate Professor of Vilnius Art Academy, Kaunas Art institute Textile Department. Working with tapestry, batik, water-colours, macramé, non-woven, other authentic techniques.

Arranged thirty-four Personal exhibitions in Lithuania, Latvia, USA, Canada, Poland, etc. Participated in approximately thirty joint exhibitions from 2002, in Lithuania, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Poland, USA, etc. Museums and Private collectors from Vilnius, Kaunas, Toronto, Lemont, Moscow, Warsaw, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg and other cities acquired most of my art Works.

Personal exhibitions since 2002. 2002- Textile, Museum of Lithuanian Art, Lemont, USA. 2002- “Meditacijos”, Fiber Arts Guild Gallery, Kaunas Lithuania. 2003- “Threads in Space” Janina Monkute-Marks Gallery, Kėdainiai Lithuania. 2003- “Far – Near”Picture Gallery, Kaunas Lithuania. 2003- “Of Old Testament” Šiauliai University Arts Gallery, Šiauliai Lithuania. 2003- “From Chaos to Harmony” Perkuno House Museum, Kaunas Lithuania. 2003- Textile / Installations Exhibition Hall, Telšiai Lithuania. 2003- “Textile” Philharmonic Hall, Kaunas Lithuania. 2004- “Textile” non-woven techniques Museum Druskininkai Lithuania. 2004-“ Preserve the Source” Arka Gallery, Vilnius Lithuania. 2004-“About Old Testament” Mazovja Culture and Art Centre, Warsaw Poland. 2005- “Blessing of the Earth” Ostrolenka Art Gallery, Ostrolenka Poland. 2005- “Echo of Blessing of the Earth” Lithuanian Cultural House, Punsk Poland. 2006- “Uicoli” Kaunas Public Library, Kaunas Lithuania. 2006- “Textile” Lietuvos Vyriausybes rumuose, Vilnius!!!!\ pamirsau itraukti\. 2007- “Irradiant World” Apsida art Gallery, Riga Latvia. 2007- “Mexika” Jonyno Gallery, Druskininkai Lithuania. 2007- “100 Years of the Life” Meno Parkas Gallery, Kaunas Lithuania.


  • 1971- Ministry of Light Industry Honorary Diploma for high artistic level of product creation.
  • 1987- SSR Ministry of Culture of honor for an active creative activity.
  • 1997- Rector of the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts
  • 1998- Design contest to create a flag of Kaunas City -Place III
  • 2002-2003-Lithuanian Ministry of Culture, the highest degree of scholarship.
  • 2007-Awarded Diploma of Fine Arts exhibition "Rebirth. "
  • 2007-Kaunas won the Confluence of the 3rd grade Medal of Honour.
  • 2010-Art Exhibition "Revival" for Lithuania's Independence Day - February 16-March 11 for her and 20-th anniversary marked.
  • 2010-Lithuanian Artists' Association 75 th anniversary, thanks to the creative and responsible participation in the organization.


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