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Type of site
College Admissions website
Owner Zinch, Inc.
Employees 15
Website http://www.zinch.com/
Registration Free
Launched March 12th 2007

Zinch was a company that helped students find scholarships and engage in college networking and recruiting. The company's website enabled students to create a profile similar to a college application, which could be browsed by colleges in which they were interested, providing a forum for a connection between college and Zinch user. Colleges also had the ability to search through these profiles in order to contact interested students.


Zinch started out as a research project at Princeton University in June 2006[1][not in citation given] by a group of students. The company was founded by Mick Hagen, Brad Hagen, and Sid Krommenhoek and launched to the public in March 2007. The company was later run by Anne Dwane, who previously founded and ran Military.com.

In September 2011, Chegg agreed to acquire Zinch.[2] as part of it's expanding digital student hub. Eventually, the www.zinch.com web address began to redirect to www.chegg.com/schools, retiring the Zinch brand.


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