Zincirlikuyu Cemetery

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Zincirlikuyu Cemetery
Main gate of the cemetery at Büyükdere Avenue in Zincirlikuyu.
Zincirlikuyu Cemetery is located in Istanbul
Zincirlikuyu Cemetery
Shown within Istanbul
Established 1935
Location Şişli, Istanbul
Country Turkey
Coordinates 41°4′30″N 29°0′30″E / 41.07500°N 29.00833°E / 41.07500; 29.00833Coordinates: 41°4′30″N 29°0′30″E / 41.07500°N 29.00833°E / 41.07500; 29.00833
Type Public
Owned by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Size 0.381 km2 (94 acres)
Website İBB Mezarlıklar Md. website

The Zincirlikuyu Cemetery (Turkish: Zincirlikuyu Mezarlığı) is a modern burial ground residing on the European part of Istanbul, Turkey. It is administered by the Metropolitan Municipality. Many prominent figures from the world of politics, business, sports and arts rest here.

The cemetery is located on the Büyükdere Avenue in Zincirlikuyu, Şişli district between Esentepe and Levent neighborhoods. It is Istanbul’s first cemetery established in a contemporary structure. Planned in 1935, the burial place reached in the 1950s to its boundaries of today. It has an area of 0.381 km2 (94 acres), which is full, excluding family graves.

A mosque within the cemetery, built and donated by the Turkish entrepreneur İbrahim Bodur, was opened to service on April 2, 2004. The mosque is specially constructed for burial prayers, and has a capacity of 500 people.[1]

The office of the İstanbul Cemeteries Administration is located in the building at the entrance of the cemetery.

Over the gate of the cemetery a verse from the Qur'an reminds "Her canlı ölümü tadacaktır" (English: Every living thing will taste death).[2]

Notable burials[edit]

Graves at Zincirlikuyu Cemetery

Listed in alphabetical order of family names:


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