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Zine World: A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press was an independent publication that covers independent and underground media. It reviewed mostly zines, but also books, comics, newsletters, videos and spoken word recordings.


The material it covered was generally available directly from the publishers rather than through larger commercial outlets, and each review included ordering information and other specifics (such as whether or not the item is free to prisoners, or the publisher's policy on barter). Zine World also covered news concerning abuses against free speech and other topics of interest to the independent publishing community. It also published essays from Karl Wenclas, Jeff Somers, and other prominent underground writers.

The magazine was launched in 1996 by Doug Holland[1] as a more opinionated alternative to Factsheet 5, but continued publishing since its larger competitor's disappearance in 1998. It was once widely decried for running gratuitously negative reviews (particularly from departed contributor Joe Gallo), but later became less controversial. It published roughly three times a year.

Several writers on staff went on to write and edit as professionals, including Heath Row and Michael Jackman. Jerianne Thompson acted as editor and supervised the all-volunteer staff. The last issue of Zine World, #31, was published in Summer 2012.[2]


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