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Signe Marie "Zinken" Hopp, née Brochmann (9 January 1905 – 3 September 1987) was a Norwegian author, poet and playwright.

She was born at Ullensvang in Hordaland, Norway. She was a daughter of journalist Diderik Hegermann Brochmann (1879–1955) and Margit Hagen (1896–1962). She was a sister of Odd Brochmann, granddaughter of Bodvar Fredrik Johannes Brochmann (1852-1930) and niece of Georg Brochmann. Zinken was her nickname from childhood.[1][2]

She is best known for translating Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland into Norwegian. Her own books, which were mostly for children, include The Magic Chalk, Jon and Sofus and over a dozen others. She is best known for writing children's books, and for her cheerful poems. She was also writing biographies.

In 1932 she married broadcasting personality Einar Meidell Hopp (1899-1956). She died during 1987 in Bergen. [3]

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