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Zinoviev, Zinovyev, Zinovieff (Russian: Зино́вьев), or Zinovieva (feminine; Зино́вьева), as a Russian surname, derives from the personal name Zinovi, from Greek Zenobios.[1] Notable people with the surname include:


  1. ^ Hanks, Patrick; Hodges, Flavia (1988). A Dictionary of Surnames. Oxford: Oxford University Press. p. 594. ISBN 0-19-211592-8. Zinovyev [-] Russian:patr. from the given name Zinovi, a Russ. form of Gk Zenobios [...] Its popularity in Eastern Europe is largely due to the veneration in the Orthodox Church of an early Christian martyr, a priest and physician who was killed in Asia Minor at the end of the 3rd century.