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Zinovy Gerdt
Zinovy Gerdt.JPG
Born Zalman Efraimovich Khrapinovich
(1916-09-21)21 September 1916
Russia Sebezh, Vitebsk Governorate, Russian Empire[1]
Died 18 November 1996(1996-11-18) (aged 80)
Russia Moscow, Russia

Zinovy Gerdt (Russian: Зиновий Гердт, which is a pseudonym, his real name being Zalman Efraimovich Khrapinovich (За́лман Афро́имович Храпино́вич); 21 September 1916 in Sebezh, Russian Empire – 18 November 1996) was a Soviet/Russian theatre and cinema actor, recognized with the title People's Artist of the USSR.[2]


At 15, Gerdt graduated from a vocational school affiliated with the Valerian Kuybyshev Electrical Plant. He started working for Metrostroy as a metalworker-electrician. As a hobby, he was an actor the factory's "TRAM" club. In 1937 he began acting at the Puppet Theatre of Moscow House of Pioneers.[3]

Gerdt volunteered to the front when Second World War began. He was enlisted as a senior lieutenant of a field engineering division and suffered a serious leg wound near Belgorod in February 1943.[4] In 1945-82 worked at the Obraztsov Central Puppet Theatre in Moscow. In cinematography, he was primarily a voice actor/narrator and was behind the scenes for a long time. From 1983 onward, he worked as an actor at Ermolova Theatre (Театр Ермоловой). A sculpture picturing Panikovsky, a character of The Little Golden Calf, as played by Gerdt, stands in Kiev.[5]

Gerdt's third wife, Tatiana Pravdina[6] condemned the Knight of Conscience book about Gerdt (published in 2010, by Zebra E, AST) as a composition of unduly attributed and inaccurate texts.[7]

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