Zinovy Reichstein

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Zinovy Reichstein
Zinovy Reichstein.jpg
Born 1961
Residence Canada
Fields Mathematics
Institutions University of British Columbia
Alma mater Harvard University
Doctoral advisor Michael Artin
Known for Essential dimension

Zinovy Reichstein (born 1961) is a Russian-born American mathematician. He is a professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He studies mainly algebra, algebraic geometry and algebraic groups. He introduced (with J. Buhler) the concept of essential dimension.[1]

Reichstein received his PhD degree in 1988 from Harvard University under the supervision of Michael Artin. Parts of his thesis entitled "The Behavior of Stability under Equivariant Maps" were published in the journal Inventiones Mathematicae.[2]

As of 2011, he is on the editorial board of the mathematics journal Transformation groups.[3]



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