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Zipeg running under Mac OS X and Windows XP
Developer(s)Leo Kuznetsov
Stable release / Jul 26, 2012
Written inJava
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS X
TypeFile archiver
LicenseBSD License
WebsiteMain Zipeg Site

Zipeg is an open source free software that extracts files from compressed archives like ZIP, RAR, 7z and others, some of which are rarely used types. Zipeg works under Mac OS X and Windows. It is best known for its file preview ability. It is incapable of compressing files, although it is able to extract compressed ones. Zipeg is built on top of the 7-Zip backend. Its UI is implemented in Java and is open source.

Zipeg automatically detects filenames in national alphabets (code pages) and correctly translates them to Unicode. Zipeg reads Exif thumbnails from JPEG digital photographs and uses them for "tool tip" style preview and item icons.

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