Zist-e Khavar

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Saffron from Zist e Khavar.

Zist-e Khavar (literally Life of the East) is the first tower complex containing a shopping centre located in Mashhad, Iran. It is a mega-scale multi-purpose complex consisting of shopping outlets, a cinema, an indoor theme park, banks, restaurants, and offices. It is located in a famous area for tourists and pilgrims in Mashhad. The building was founded in 1983, the owners were Mr. Javad & Mr. Mohammad Babajan. The head of the project was Mr. Khousro Sharifpour, in company of many architects, one of which was Mr. Kiumarth Bayat.

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Coordinates: 36°17′24″N 59°35′04″E / 36.29000°N 59.58444°E / 36.29000; 59.58444