Zittau Mountains

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View over Waltersdorf to the Lausche
Oybin surrounded by upland forest
Narrow gauge railway near Oybin Niederdorf
The Nonnenfelsen (Nun's Rock) near Jonsdorf

The Zittau Mountains (German: Zittauer Gebirge), formerly also called the Lusatian Ridge (Lausitzer Kamm, Czech. Žitavské hory), refer to the German part of the Lusatian Mountains that straddle the Saxon-Bohemian border in the extreme southeast of the German state of Saxony.



The Zittau Mountains lie in the extreme south of the district of Görlitz in Saxony. A few kilometres north of the range lie a number of settlements; from west to east they are Großschönau, Hainewalde, Olbersdorf, Bertsdorf-Hörnitz and Zittau. In the mountains themselves are, again from west to east, the settlements of Waltersdorf, Oybin, Jonsdorf and Lückendorf . The highlands are drained by streams that flow roughly north into the Mandau, a western tributary of the Lausitzer Neiße.


Among the highest mountains in the range are the following (in order of height in m above NN:[1]

  • Lausche (Luž; 792.6 m), German-Czech border mountain, south of Waltersdorf
  • Hochwald (Hvozd; 749.5 m), German-Czech border mountain, south-southwest of Oybin
  • Jonsberg (652.9 m), east-southeast of Jonsdorf
  • Buchberg (651.6 m), west of Jonsdorf
  • Scharfenstein (569.4 m), east of Oybin, north-northwest of Lückendorf
  • Breiteberg (510.1 m), east of Großschönau, south of Hainewalde
  • Oybin (514.5 m), north of Oybin
  • Töpfer (582 m), northeast of Oybin, south of Olbersdorf

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