Zivar bey Ahmadbeyov

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Zivar bey Ahmadbeyov
Born 1873
Shamakhy, Azerbaijan
Died 1925
Baku, Azerbaijan
Residence Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan
Fields Architecture
Institutions Baku Governorate
Alma mater Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Zivar bey Garay bey oglu Ahmadbeyov (Azerbaijani: Zivər bəy Əhmədbəyov 1873, Shamakhy-1925, Baku) - the first Azerbaijani architect with higher education.


In 1902, Zivar bey Ahmadbeyov graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. From this year to 1917, Ahmadbeyov worked as an architect in Baku Governorate, then in Baku City Council. After the establishment of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, Ahmadbeyov became the chief architect of Baku and held this post until 1922. Two of the largest mosques in Baku, the Baku-Blue Mosque and Taza Pir Mosque were constructed according to the projects of Ahmadbeyov.[1][2][3] Murtuza Mukhtarov Mosque, which was constructed according to Ahmadbeyov's project in the municipality of Amirjan in Baku, was added to the list of historical monuments of UNESCO. Besides that, Ahmadbeyov is the architect of a lot of houses in Vladikavkaz and the building of the Ophthalmology Institute in Baku.


One of the streets of Baku is named after Zivar bey Ahmadbeyov.

On May 26, 2011, the opening ceremony of Zivar bey Ahmadbeyov’s monument, situated in a park named after him, near Nizami Ganjavi metro station was held in Baku.[4][5]