Ziya Pasha

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This is an Ottoman Turkish style name. Ziya is the given name, the title is Pasha, and there is no family name.
Ziya Pasha

Ziya Pasha, the pseudonym of Abdul Hamid Ziyaeddin (1825 or 1829, Constantinople – 17 May 1880, Adana), was an Ottoman writer and translator. He was, along with İbrahim Şinasi and Namık Kemal, one of the most important authors of the Tanzimat period of the Ottoman Empire.

He held several offices in the state. From 1865, he was a leading member of the reformist secret society known as the Young Ottomans. In 1867, he went with Namık Kemal to Paris and London, where he published a newspaper called Hürriyet (Freedom).

His return to the Ottoman Empire was followed by tenures as governor of Cyprus, Amasya, Konya, Aleppo, and Adana, where he died in 1880.


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