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Ziya Tong
Ziya Tong, Daily Planet, Discovery Channel Canada.jpg
ResidenceToronto, Ontario, Canada
Alma materUniversity of British Columbia
McGill University
OccupationTelevision Personality and Producer
Years active2004–present
EmployerBell Media
Known forCo-host of ZeD
Co-host of Wired Science
Co-host of Nova
Co-host of Daily Planet
Board member ofWorld Wide Fund for Nature Canada

Ziya Tong (born 1980) is an English-born Canadian television personality and producer, formerly the co-host of Discovery Channel's long-running primetime science magazine, Daily Planet.[1]

Early life and education[edit]

Ziya Tong was born in London, England of Chinese and Macedonian descent,[2] and later lived in Hong Kong.[3] She moved from Hong Kong to Canada when she was 11.

She received her B.A. degree from the University of British Columbia in psychology and sociology.[4] At McGill University, she graduated with an M.A. in Communications.[5][6]


After university, she worked as a reporter, and as a senior producer for the news-portal Orientation Global Networks in New York.

Tong began hosting the CBC Television series ZeD in the 2004-05 season, succeeding Sharon Lewis. For this, she was nominated for a Gemini Award for Viewer's Choice for Lifestyle Host in 2005.[7]

After ZeD, Tong was hired by CTV to host the television series Island Escapes, which premiered on January 6, 2006. Critic Denise Duguay called her a "lively and game travel host".[1] In this position, she visited many exotic island locations, and highlighted the attractions of places such as New Caledonia, Bedarra Island and Fiji.

Starting in January 2007 she worked as a host and producer for two science shows, Wired Science on PBS[2] and The Leading Edge, a Canadian science series on The Knowledge Network.[8]

Tong has also written for Wired magazine[9] and blogged on the Wired Science site for PBS.[10] She also was a reporter for NOVA on PBS.[11]

After joining Discovery Channel's Daily Planet as a guest host for November and December 2008, she was named the new permanent co-host of the daily science program.[12]

For three years, Tong co-hosted Daily Planet with science journalist Jay Ingram. When Ingram retired from the program in June 2011, Tong was joined by co-host Dan Riskin and since, the show has generated record ratings as it completed its 18th season on Canadian television.[13] Tong also writes and produces Ziyology,a weekly column looking at wonder and science.

She appears regularly on Canada AM, CTV News Channel, CP24 and CTV National News.

Tong has travelled to more than 60 countries. She is fluent in English and Cantonese, she is working on her French, Mandarin and Arabic.[14]

She serves on the board of directors of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Canada.[15]

Her non-fiction book The Reality Bubble is slated for publication in 2019.[16]

She defended Max Eisen's memoir By Chance Alone in the 2019 edition of Canada Reads. The book won the competition.[17]

Career timeline[edit]

  • 2004–2005: ZeD host
  • 2006: "Island Escape" host
  • 2007: "Leading Edge" host, Wired Science host and producer
  • 2008-9: NOVA reporter, co-host
  • 2008–2018: Daily Planet co-host


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