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Zlatar-Bistrica is located in Croatia
Location of Zlatar-Bistrica in Croatia
Coordinates: 46°05′10″N 16°04′34″E / 46.086°N 16.076°E / 46.086; 16.076
Country  Croatia
County Krapina-Zagorje County
Website www.zlatar-bistrica.hr
Zlatar-Bistrica and upper Krapina

Zlatar-Bistrica is a village and municipality in northwestern Croatia, in the Krapina-Zagorje County. It lies on the crossroads of two important roads for the region, one connecting northern parts of the county with Zagreb (D29) and the other connecting Varaždin and western part of the county (D24) and is also connected by R201 railway.

What is today Zlatar-Bistrica, until 1912 was actually just couple of small villages - Gornji Brestovec, Donji Brestovec and Grančari. As the railroads connected Zagreb and Varaždin, a rail station was built between Zlatar and Marija Bistrica and it was named Zlatar-Bistrica. Today's Zlatar-Bistrica grew in the rail station's surroundings.

With its 2600 inhabitants (2011 census),[1] it is considered one of the smaller municipalities in the county. Until 1991 it was the administrative center of the municipality of Zlatar Bistrica, which included today's municipalities of Budinšćina, Hrašćina, Konjščina, Lobor, Mihovljan, Zlatar and Zlatar-Bistrica. At the time, with just over 33,000 inhabitants, it was the biggest municipality of the county.

Until the split-up in 1991, Zlatar-Bistrica was also the economic stronghold with several small, medium and even a big companies operating there. Wood and meat processing as well as electric equipment is being produced there.

Culturally, Zlatar-Bistrica was neglected for many years in favour of neighbouring Zlatar.[citation needed] Nowadays there's a strong association that works on cultural matters in Zlatar Bistrica under name of KUD "Kaj".

Sports association include soccer team NK "Ivančica" and both gender handball teams - ŽRK "Zlatar-Bistrica" and RK "Zlatar-Bistrica".


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Coordinates: 46°03′36″N 16°04′12″E / 46.06000°N 16.07000°E / 46.06000; 16.07000