Zlatko Tomčić

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Zlatko Tomčić
Zlatko Tomcic.png
President of Croatia
In office
2 February 2000 – 19 February 2000
Prime Minister Ivica Račan
Preceded by Vlatko Pavletić (Acting)
Succeeded by Stjepan Mesić
Speaker of the Croatian Parliament
In office
2 February 2000 – 22 December 2003
Preceded by Vlatko Pavletić
Succeeded by Vladimir Šeks
President of the Croatian Peasant Party
In office
Deputy Ljubica Lalić
Preceded by Drago Stipac
Succeeded by Josip Friščić
Member of Croatian Parliament from 2nd electoral district
In office
Succeeded by Miroslav Čačija
Personal details
Born (1945-07-10) 10 July 1945 (age 71)
Zagreb, FS Croatia, DF Yugoslavia
Political party Croatian Peasant Party

Zlatko Tomčić (Croatian pronunciation: [zlâtko tǒːmt͡ʃit͡ɕ]; born 1945) is a former Croatian politician, the leader of the Croatian Peasant Party (Hrvatska seljačka stranka—HSS) from 1994 to 2005. He served as the President of the Croatian Parliament, as a representative in the Parliament, and as acting President of Croatia for a brief period. He has graduated from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Civil Engineering.[1]

Tomčić became leader of the Croatian Peasant Party in 1994 while serving as a Minister of Construction and Environment in the Croatian Democratic Union-led cabinet of Nikica Valentić.[2] Under his leadership, the Peasant Party led the coalition that came in second in the 1995 elections, winning 18 seats, of which 10 went to members of HSS, including Tomčić.

In the 2000 elections the HSS-led coalition came in third, winning 25 seats, of which 17 went to HSS. These parties joined with the election winners (SDP-HSLS coalition) to form the government, and Tomčić became the President of the Parliament (Predsjednik Sabora).[3] He was instated on 2 February 2000.[4]

As the speaker of parliament, Tomčić also briefly served as the acting President of Croatia, as the post was at the time vacant due to the death of President Franjo Tuđman in December 1999. He gave up the position to the newly elected president Stipe Mesić on 18 February 2000.

Tomčić remained President of the Parliament until December 2003, following new elections where the party lost seats and went into the opposition. Tomčić did, however, keep a seat in the Parliament.[5]

In 2005, the HSS ten-member club in the Parliament split between a group supporting Tomčić and another one insisting on change in leadership. In the party election of December 2005, Tomčić was opposed by Josip Friščić and defeated.[6] After defeat he gave up his parliament seat and left politics.

As of 2011, Tomčić is the CEO of a successful small architecture firm.[7]


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Party political offices
Preceded by
Drago Stipac
President of Croatian Peasant Party
December 1994 – December 2005
Succeeded by
Josip Friščić
Political offices
Preceded by
Vlatko Pavletić
Speaker of the Croatian Parliament
2 February 2000 –23 December 2003
Succeeded by
Vladimir Šeks
Preceded by
Vlatko Pavletić (acting)
President of Croatia (acting)
2 February 2000 – 18 February 2000
Succeeded by
Stjepan Mesić