Zlatna Panega (river)

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Zlatna Panega
Zlatna Panega River - Lukovit.jpg
Zlatna Panega River at „Panega Nature Park“ near the town of Lukovit
Physical characteristics
 - location
 - coordinates
43°17′30″N 24°04′16″E / 43.2918°N 24.0710°E / 43.2918; 24.0710Coordinates: 43°17′30″N 24°04′16″E / 43.2918°N 24.0710°E / 43.2918; 24.0710
Basin features
ProgressionIskarDanubeBlack Sea

Zlatna Panega (Bulgarian: Златна Панега, "golden Panega", also: Panega, old: Paneg, Altǎn Paneg) is a river in central northern Bulgaria, originating from a karst source at the village of Zlatna Panega, Yablanitsa municipality, Lovech Province. During the Ottoman rule in Bulgaria (till 1878) it was known as "Altǎn Paneg". Zlatna Panega's source is the largest Karst source in Bulgaria and the water temperature is relatively constant throughout the year. Although the Zlatna Panega is only several dozen kilometres in length, it runs through the villages of Zlatna Panega, Rumyantsevo, Petrevene and the town of Lukovit before emptying into Iskar River. It is also very popular among Bulgaria's fishing community, as it is a great place to fish brown trout (with specimen over 1.5 kilograms), rainbow trout (some over 4 kilograms), chub, mountain barbel and even ide and perch.


Panega Glacier on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after Zlatna Panega River.

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