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Zmiennicy (Eng. Subs) is a Polish comedy tv series completed in 1986 and aired in 1987. Many famous Polish actors (not only comedians) appear in Zmiennicy.

Created byStanisław Bareja
Developed byTVP
Written byStanisław Bareja
Jacek Janczarski
Directed byStanisław Bareja
StarringEwa Błaszczyk
Composer(s)Przemysław Gintrowski
Country of originPoland
Original language(s)Polish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes15
CinematographyJan Muszyński
Running timearound 58 minutes
Production company(s)POLTEL
Original networkTVP
Comedy Central Polska
Comedy Central Family
Original release1986 –
Related showsAlternatywy 4


A young man Jacek Żytkiewicz is an employee of a fictional company WPT (the Warsaw Taxi Company) and drives a blue taxicab no. 1313 in turns with his sub Stanisław Lesiak. In an idiosyncratic accident the blue cab is destroyed and Stanisław lands in a hospital.

Simultaneously a young woman, Kasia Piórecka, is a driver in a small enterprise. After an abuse attempt she resigns from a job she never liked and applies to be a taxi driver for WPT but her application is rejected due to safety concerns. At that time, the taxi driver was exclusively a male job in Poland and with several attacks on or even murders of taxi drivers it was believed that a woman might be even more prone to be attacked. This doesn't stop Kasia, and again, disguised as a man named Marian Koniuszko, she tries and becomes employed in WPT. She, being Marian (a male name in Polish), becomes a new sub of Jacek in a new, yellow painted taxicab no. 1313.

Living a double life is a complicated endeavour. At certain point Jacek meets Kasia en femme, falls in love and starts dating her. Jacek is unaware that a girl he dates is the same person who is his sub. Kasia is still not willing to reveal her double identity fearing losing her job. This state leads to many complicated situations. Things get even worse when it happens that the yellow 1313 cab is a key instrument in a large heroin-smuggling plot and two rival gangs will try anything to regain the car at any cost.


  • Ceny umowne (Conventional Prices)
  • Ostatni kurs (The Last Run)
  • Dziewczyna do bicia (The Girl for Beating)
  • Typowa logika damsko-męska (A Typical Logic of males and females)
  • Safari (Safari)
  • Prasa szczególnej troski (The Press Of Particular Care)
  • Warszawski łącznik (The Warsaw Middleman)
  • Fartowny dzień (Fortunate Day)
  • Podróż sentymentalna (Sentimental Trip)
  • Krzyk ciszy (Scream of Silence)
  • Antycypacja (Anticipation)
  • Obywatel Monte Christo (The Monte Christo Citizen)
  • Spotkania z Temidą (The Meetings With Temida)
  • Pocałuj mnie Kasiu (Kiss Me, Kate)
  • Nasz najdroższy (Our Precious)



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