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Aliases Z0mbie.Mistfall
Type Computer virus
Isolation 2002
Point of origin Russia
Author(s) Z0mbie
Operating system(s) affected Windows
Filesize 9 kbytes

Zmist (also known as Z0mbie.Mistfall) is a metamorphic computer virus[1] created by the Russian virus writer known as Z0mbie. It was the first virus to use a technique known as "code integration". In the words of Ferrie and Ször:[2]

This virus supports a unique new technique: code integration. The Mistfall engine contained in it is capable of decompiling Portable Executable files to [their] smallest elements, requiring 32 MB of memory. Zmist will insert itself into the code: it moves code blocks out of the way, inserts itself, regenerates code and data references, including relocation information, and rebuilds the executable.

The virus has also been described in [3]


  • Zmist.gen!674CD7362358 - discovered in 2012.
  • ZMist!IK - discovered 2011 - 2012.
  • Zmist.A - discovered in 2006 - 2007.

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