Zoë Mode

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Zoë Mode
Industry Video game
Founded 2007; 10 years ago (2007) (as Kuju Brighton)
Headquarters Brighton, England
Owner Kuju Entertainment
(Catalis S.E)
Website http://www.zoemode.com/

Zoë Mode was a subsidiary studio of Kuju Entertainment based in Brighton. Zoë Mode’s games portfolio covered a variety of genres and comprised big-brand entertainment, original social games and innovative gameplay use of motion capture technologies such as the PlayStation EyeToy and Xbox 360 Kinect. They developed EyeToy: Play, SingStar, Disney Sing It and Zumba franchises in music and party games. Zoë Mode was also known for creating Crush,[1] Chime and Haunt.


The studio was originally formed in 2004 as Kuju Brighton after an acquisition of Wide Games by Kuju Entertainment.[citation needed] In 2007, Kuju Brighton was rebranded to Zoë Mode.[citation needed]


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