Zoë Mode

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Zoë Mode
Industry Video game
Founded 2007; 10 years ago (2007) (as Kuju Brighton)
Headquarters Brighton, England
Owner Kuju Entertainment
(Catalis S.E)
Website http://www.zoemode.com/

Zoë Mode is a subsidiary studio of Kuju Entertainment based in Brighton. Zoë Mode’s games portfolio covers a variety of genres and comprises big-brand entertainment, original social games and innovative gameplay use of motion capture technologies such as the PlayStation EyeToy and Xbox 360 Kinect. They are well known for handling mass market, high-value IP such as the EyeToy: Play, SingStar, Disney Sing It and Zumba franchises in music and party games. Zoë Mode is also known for creating original indie IP such as the award-winning Crush (for Best New Handheld IP),[1] Chime and Haunt.

Zoë Mode’s priority is to create innovative gameplay experiences which appeal to mass audiences.


The studio was originally formed in 2004 as Kuju Brighton after an acquisition of Wide Games by Kuju Entertainment.[citation needed] In 2007, Kuju Brighton was rebranded to Zoë Mode.[citation needed]


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