Zobel-class fast attack craft

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Class overview
Name: Zobel class
Builders: Lurssen, Bremen-Vegesack
Preceded by: Jaguar class
Succeeded by: Type 143A Gepard class
Built: 1961-63
In commission: 1961-84
Completed: 10
Retired: 10
General characteristics
Type: Torpedo boat (fast attack craft)
Displacement: 172.5 tonnes standard, 190 tonnes full load
Length: 42.6 metres (140 ft)
Beam: 7.1 metres (23 ft)
Draught: 2.3 metres (7.5 ft)
Speed: 42kts max, 39kts max sustained
Range: 700nms at 35knots
Complement: 39 (4 Officers, 17 NCOs, 18 enlisted)
Sensors and
processing systems:
Navigation radar, Surveillance radar

The Type 142 Zobel class was a German class of torpedo bearing fast attack craft (torpedo boats). They were in service with the Bundesmarine during the Cold War to protect the Baltic sea coast. The class was designed by Lürssen.

The Zobel class was replaced by the Type 143A Gepard class, they were the last fast attack craft with only torpedoes as main armament, all later classes have anti-ship missiles.

The Kartal-class fast attack craft of the Turkish Navy is an advanced version of the Zobel class; vessels of this class are armed with Penguin anti-ship missiles and mines in addition to torpedoes.

List of ships[edit]

Name Callsign Shipbuilder Com-
P6092 S31 Zobel (Sable) DBUQ Lürssen 12 December 1961 7 September 1982
P6093 S32 Wiesel (Weasel) DBUR Lürssen 25 June 1962 6 March 1984 To Turkish Navy
P6094 S33 Dachs (Badger) DBUS Lürssen 25 September 1962 6 December 1984 To Turkish navy
P6096 S34 Nerz (Mink) DBUX Lürssen 11 January 1963 8 July 1982
P6098 S35 Gepard (Cheetah) DBUW Lürssen 18 April 1963 9 November 1982 To Turkish navy
P6100 S36 Frettchen (Ferret) DBUY Lürssen 26 June 1963 9 August 1983 To Turkish navy
P6101 S37 Ozelot (Ocelot) DBUZ Lürssen 25 October 1963 10 January 1984 To Turkish navy
P6095 S38 Hermelin (Stoat) DBUT Kröger 28 November 1962 12 January 1983
P6097 S39 Puma DBUV Kröger 21 December 1962 17 December 1981 Sold as scrap [1]
P6099 S40 Hyäne (Hyena) DBUU Kröger 10 May 1963 5 June 1984 To Turkish navy

In service with the Bundesmarine, the vessels belonged to the 7. Schnellbootgeschwader (7th Fast attack craft squadron) based in Kiel at the Baltic Sea.


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