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The Zoch Verlag is a Munich-based publisher of games. Its pivotal point are games of skill made out of wood - or with a high proportion of wood - for children and families. In addition, it has games in which the tactical skills of the players are demanded.


The Zoch Verlag was founded in 1987 by CEO Albrecht Werstein[1] and game designer Klaus Zoch. In 2002 a new shareholder, Hermann Hutter, was added.[2] Hutter was responsible for marketing and sales. Upon its founding, Zoch Verlag released its first game, Bausack.

Zoch Verlag has received many awards, including the Deutscher Spiele Preis,[3] the Schweizer Spielepreis and was awarded "spiel gut". On 1 February 2010, the publishing house was taken over by the Simba Dickie Group and continued as a trademark.[4]

Notable games[edit]


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