Zodiac: The Race Begins

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Zodiac: The Race Begins
Official movie poster for Zodiac: The Race Begins
Directed by Edward Fu
Produced by Sky Li
Written by Zhao Jing Chen
Distributed by Shaw Organisation
Release date
  • January 26, 2006 (2006-01-26)
Running time
90 minutes
Country Singapore
Language Mandarin

Zodiac: The Race Begins (Chinese: 生肖传奇) is a CGI film produced by Singapore's Cubix Pictures. The film was released in the city state on January 26, 2006.

It is Singapore's first 3D animated film and recounts the legend behind the ancient Chinese zodiac on how 12 animals came to be chosen as its symbols. Its script, researched by Singapore-based freelance playwright and former cross-talk celebrity Zhao Jin, incorporates eight myths.

In 2007, it was released in Malaysia on Disney Channel Asia in English.


The great Buddha gave the eminent Jade Emperor the task of ruling the celestial and mortal worlds. However, mortal human beings did not have an awareness of time, which spelt calamity. To avert this, the Jade Emperor gave a celestial order: "Let it be known in the mortal world, that I, the Imperial Jade Emperor, shall appoint 12 animals to ascend to the celestial world. These 12 species of animals shall represent a cycle of 12 years with each animal representing a year. Any humans born in a particular animal's year shall bear that animal's mark and his strength. This representation shall be known as the Zodiac."

But deep in the dark swamps, the thousand-year-old tree spirit, determined to thwart the plans of her long-time enemy, the Jade Emperor, sets forth to prevent the success of the Race by impeding the 12 chosen ones.


35 artists were cast in the voiceovers for the show. This includes prominent Singaporean actress Fann Wong and popular Singaporean DJ Dennis Chew.

  • Evil court official (Dennis Chew)

Critical response[edit]

Brian Costello of Common Sense Media gave this film a 1/5 stars, writing that the film "is rife with unlistenable songs, unlikeable characters, terrible acting, and the thinnest of storylines".[1]


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