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The zodiac is a coordinate system of twelve "signs", based on twelve constellations used in astronomy and astrology.

Related systems[edit]

  • Babylonian star catalogues, also known as the Babylonian zodiac, the predecessor of the classical Ptolemaic zodiac, based on seasons in the Northern hemisphere
  • Chinese zodiac, unrelated astrological systems named after the Greek zodiac
  • Hindu astrology, the Hindu zodiac is a sidereal system from India independent of seasons, based on the Sun's position relative to stars



Amusement park rides[edit]

Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]


  • The Zodiac Killer (film), a 1971 film directed by Tom Hanson based on the Zodiac Killer
  • Zodiac-films, a series of six Danish erotic feature films made from 1973 to 1978
  • The Zodiac (film), a 2005 film directed by Alexander Buckley about the Zodiac Killer
  • Zodiac (film), a 2007 film directed by David Fincher based on Robert Graysmith's 1986 book about the Zodiac Killer


  • Zodiac (solitaire), a solitaire card game which is played with two decks of playing cards shuffled together


  • Zodiac (book), a 1986 book by Robert Graysmith about the Zodiac Killer, full title: Zodiac: The Full Story of the Infamous Unsolved Zodiac Murders in California, followed by Zodiac Unmasked: The Identity of America's Most Elusive Serial Killer (April 2, 2002)
  • Zodiac (comics), several groups of supervillains in the Marvel Universe
  • Zodiac (novel), a 1988 novel by Neal Stephenson about environmentalism
  • Short Trips: Zodiac (2002), an anthology about Doctor Who



Albums and soundtracks[edit]


  • "Zodiac", a song by American musician Ryan Leslie
  • "Zodiac", a song by American grunge band Melvins
  • "The Zodiac", a song by the American-Norwegian band Kamelot
  • "Zodiacs", a song by American singer Roberta Kelly
  • "Zodiac", a song by American singer Richie Havens from his 1999 album Time

Companies and venues[edit]

  • The Zodiac, a nightclub and music venue in Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Zodiac Aerospace, a corporation specializing in the production of aerosafety systems (and formerly Zodiac rigid inflatable boats), and the name of several French airships constructed by its predecessor, Société Mallet, Mélandri et de Pitray
  • Zodiac Entertainment, an American television production/distribution company
  • Zodiak Free Arts Lab, an experimental music venue West Berlin
  • Zodiac Records (disambiguation), several record labels of that name
  • Zodiac Marine & Pool, a corporation specializing in the production of Zodiac rigid inflatable boats
  • Zodiac Watches, a brand of watches
  • Zodiac Milpro, a company producing rigid inflatable boats for military and professional clients

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