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The zodiac is a coordinate system of twelve "signs", based on twelve constellations used in astronomy and astrology.

Related systems[edit]

  • Babylonian star catalogues, also known as the Babylonian zodiac, the predecessor of the classical Ptolemaic zodiac, based on seasons in the Northern hemisphere
  • Chinese zodiac, unrelated astrological systems named after the Greek zodiac
  • Hindu astrology, the Hindu zodiac is a sidereal system from India independent of seasons, based on the Sun's position relative to stars



Amusement park rides[edit]

Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]


  • The Zodiac Killer (film), a 1971 film directed by Tom Hanson based on the Zodiac Killer
  • Zodiac-films, a series of six Danish erotic feature films made from 1973 to 1978
  • The Zodiac (film), a 2005 film directed by Alexander Buckley about the Zodiac Killer
  • Zodiac (film), a 2007 film directed by David Fincher based on Robert Graysmith's 1986 book about the Zodiac Killer


  • Zodiac (solitaire), a solitaire card game which is played with two decks of playing cards shuffled together


  • Zodiac (book), a 1986 book by Robert Graysmith about the Zodiac Killer, full title: Zodiac: The Full Story of the Infamous Unsolved Zodiac Murders in California, followed by Zodiac Unmasked: The Identity of America's Most Elusive Serial Killer (April 2, 2002)
  • Zodiac (comics), several groups of supervillains in the Marvel Universe
  • Zodiac (novel), a 1988 novel by Neal Stephenson about environmentalism
  • Short Trips: Zodiac (2002), an anthology about Doctor Who



Albums and soundtracks[edit]


  • "Zodiac", a song by American musician Ryan Leslie
  • "Zodiac", a song by American grunge band Melvins
  • "The Zodiac", a song by the American-Norwegian band Kamelot
  • "Zodiacs", a song by American singer Roberta Kelly
  • "Zodiac", a song by American singer Richie Havens from his 1999 album Time

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  • Zodiaq, a quartz-like countertop compound