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A Zodiac boat on the beach
A deployed Zodiac boat

Zodiac Nautic is a French company best known for their widely used inflatable boats.

Zodiac has been mastering air and water exploration with a truly innovative approach since its creation in 1896. Zodiac Nautic finds its orgins in the “Zodiac airships and aviation French company”, specialized in the production of airships. In the 1930s Pierre Debroutelle, one of its engineers, invented one of the first prototypes of inflatable boats for the Aéronavale, who were looking for innovative and easy solution for military transport. This change from air to sea brought worldwide recognition to Zodiac. In the 1960s, the company turned to the leisure industry to accommodate the “vacationers” and their growing interest in recreational boating. With a history of unrivalled experience, Zodiac Nautic’s origin is closely tied to all major innovations in the sector of inflatable boats.[1]

Zodiac boat[edit]

Made with an inflatable buoyancy tube and a rigid hull, these boats combine the advantages of traditional inflatable boats – security, stability, portability, and ease of use – with those of rigid-hulled boats – comfort, agility and speed. True ocean adventurers, Zodiac's have a spectacular reputation with professionals and amateur boaters alike, who rely on their exceptional marine qualities and all-time practicality.

Its unique combination of a very low center of gravity, a deep-V hull and added stabilization of the tubes which gives the rigidhulled inflatable speed and sea-crossing capacities without compromising comfort or safety. Trying a Zodiac boat means discovering a new world of performance.

The Zodiac boat has an exceptional weight / area-below-water ratio, giving the boat a load-bearing capacity such that it can carry considerable loads: ideal for a day trip with friends and family in complete safety.

The bouyancy is distributed on the sides, the center of gravity is very low: all this guarantees stability such that the Zodiac boats are almost impossible to capsize when loaded!

The buoyancy tubes of Zodiac boats have several compartments, separated by waterproof partitions. Thanks to its important air reserves, the boat keeps its ability to float and stays conceptually unsinkable when fully loaded, even with a deflated compartment.

The Zodiac inflatable boats are commonly used by the United States Military.

Zodiac boats were brought into American popular culture in the late 1960s. They were ubiquitous in the popular television documentary series, The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau.

The word "ZODIAC" is a registered trademark for rigid-hulled inflatable boats.


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