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The Zodiarts (ゾディアーツ Zodiātsu) are the fictional antagonists in the Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider Fourze.[1] Each of the Zodiarts is named after one of the Western constellations, and each Zodiarts body is decorated with the pattern of the constellation it is named after. The name "Zodiarts" is derived from the English word "zodiac" (ゾディアック zodiakku) and is used to refer to both an individual and the collective group.


A Zodiarts is a monstrous construct that is produced when a Zodiarts Switch (ゾディアーツスイッチ Zodiātsu Suitchi) is activated by a person, then on known as a Switcher (スイッチャー Suitchā). From there, a Zodiarts Switch gathers a mysterious energy from space called Cosmic Energy (コズミックエナジー Kozumikku Enajī) that forms a monstrous construct around a human that can withstand transwarp travel. These switches are provided by Mituaki Gamou to Amanogawa High students as they appear to have the potential to evolve the Zodiarts Switches' powers by their state of minds. A Zodiarts Switch imprints on its Switcher, as once a switch is activated, the only person who can use the switch is the Switcher himself. Exceptions only occur to very few who has a special constitution allowing use of other Zodiarts' switches. The only such exceptions revealed thus far are Mituaki Gamou and Kou Tatsugami. A Zodiarts Switch can only be activated by a person with negative intentions and is impossible to be truly used for good. According to Tachibana, one has a higher chance of finding a lost artificial satellite in the entire universe than finding a Zodiarts Switcher that truly uses his or her powers for good. Though given the fact that Tachibana's true identity is that of Professor Kuniteru Emoto, who is himself the Virgo Zodiarts and he dedicates his life to undermine Gamou's plan for good causes, the "evil" nature of the Zodiarts Switches is questionable. It is also stated that Zodiarts Switches take a physical toll on the user as a consequence of the forced evolution, causing the longest-term users to dissolve into stardust after being defeated by a Limit Break rather than simply switching off. In some shorter-term cases the user's powers can backfire on them after defeat if they were overused, as in the case of the Aries Zodiart.

Compatibility is another important and dangerous feature of the Zodiarts Switch, as when a Zodiarts Switch is first activated by one who is incompatible with the switch, it backfires on the Switcher, such in the case of Jiro Iseki, who is rendered comatose after activating an incompatible switch. Conversely, a Zodiarts Switch will reach the "Last One" state when the user is overwhelmed by their negative emotions to the point that they no longer wish to be human, with the switch announcing "Last One" in the voice of the Horoscopes who provided the Switch. A Last One Switch also changes its appearance, growing spikes and an eyeball-like structure, as well as changing the position of the button. When the Switcher activates the Switch at this point, the transformation becomes irreversible as the Switch drains its Switcher of their conscious mind and uses it to become a Zodiarts permanently. The Switcher's empty body is ejected from the Zodiarts, covered in a cobweb-like substance. In this state, the Zodiarts becomes extremely powerful and can only be defeated if targeted at point of its body where the Zodiarts Switch is located. In some cases, the "Last One" state doubles as a pupa state where certain Zodiarts can evolve further into one of the Horoscopes once the Resurrection Star begins to glow, absorbing their original bodies to remain human. Should a person have latent exceptional compatibility with a Horoscopes Switch, a regular Zodiarts Switch might evolve into a Horoscopes Switch the very first time it is activated, allowing its Switcher to skip the Last One state altogether and instantly become a Horoscopes-type Zodiarts.

Fighting a Zodiarts in its Last One state, a Kamen Rider can use one of its Limit Break (リミットブレイク Rimitto Bureiku) finishing attacks to destroy the monster's body and get the Zodiarts Switch. Once properly switched off, the Zodiarts Switch will vanish into a singularity, returning the user's mind to its body.

Minor Zodiarts[edit]


Toshiya Miura (三浦 俊也 Miura Toshiya) is a second-year student who is a member of the AGHS football club who became tired of how the team's members, particularly captain Shun Daimonji, treat him as a mere lowly servant and never let him have a chance on the field. To get back at Shun, he is given a Zodiarts Switch that allows him to become the Orion Zodiarts (オリオン・ゾディアーツ Orion Zodiātsu), a Zodiarts with intense brute strength which is armed with a club called the Lemnos (レムノス Remunosu) and a shield called the Chios (キオス Kiosu). Although he is initially defeated by the first appearance of Kamen Rider Fourze's Rider Rocket Drill Kick, the mysterious Scorpion Zodiarts returns the Zodiarts Switch to Miura, allowing him to use it once more to confront Shun. After Tomoko Nozama reveals the identity of the Zodiarts to Gentaro Kisaragi and Yuki Jojima, they reach Miura in time to persuade him not to go through with his plans. However, Shun pushes Miura over the edge by kicking him out of the football club, driving him to use the Zodiarts Switch just as it enters its Last One state. As the monster has amassed enough energy to blow up the stadium, Kengo Utahoshi directs Kamen Rider Fourze to take the Orion Zodiarts into the upper atmosphere in order to destroy him with the Rider Rocket Drill Space Kick, allowing the Zodiarts Switch to be turned off so Miura's mind can return to his body. Miura was hospitalized soon after from the ordeal.

Miura later recovered from the ordeal, but he refused to go back to school and ignored Shun's many apologies for putting him through what had happened. It was later revealed that it was not because he did not want to go back to school, but he rather was avoiding returning to school grounds due to his new-found addiction to the Cosmic Energy of a Zodiarts Switch. The Horoscopes use this to their advantage by having Sonoda present him with a new Zodiarts Switch which, due to his emotional state, immediately reaches its Last One state as soon as he grabs hold of it. However, due to Gentaro, his girlfriend Mari and the rest of the Kamen Rider Club showing him his old self, he is able to reject the Zodiarts Switch of his own free will. Afterwards, he befriends Gentaro and joins the photography club to be with Mari.

Toshiya Miura is portrayed by Masanori Mizuno (水野 真典 Mizuno Masanori).[2]


Tamae Sakuma (佐久間 珠恵 Sakuma Tamae) is a third-year student who is in the cheerleading squad, in addition to being one of Miu Kazashiro's "sidekicks". However, Tamae has become tired of Miu's two-year winning streak in the annual Queen Festival, a contest that votes for the "queen" of the student body. To stop Miu from winning her third year so she would be able to win the contest herself, Tamae is given the Zodiarts Switch that allows her to become the Chameleon Zodiarts (カメレオン・ゾディアーツ Kamereon Zodiātsu), a Zodiarts that can appear invisible as well as attack with its powerful tongue-like tendrils. To orchestrate her plan to remove Miu from the contest, Tamae begins to attack students that could be potential threats to her success. Then, when Miu takes the stage for the talent competition, Tamae fakes being attacked herself so she would be able to transform and cause a commotion, allowing for a video of Miu lambasting the student body to play. When her identity is revealed, Tamae fakes remorse to catch Miu off guard and injures her severely to remove her from the contest. However, Miu musters up enough strength to return to school despite her yet-to-recover injuries and wins back the hearts of the student body with her powerful speech. Tamae, enraged that her plan has failed, ignores Kengo's warning against using her Zodiarts Switch when it enters its Last One state. She attacks Miu as the Chameleon Zodiarts once more, but Kamen Rider Fourze is able to save the school's reigning "queen" and eventually destroys the Zodiarts with his Rider Rocket Drill Kick, gaining access to the Zodiarts Switch to shut it off. After Miu wins the contest for the third year in a row, she forgives Tamae for her actions, and renews their friendship under the promise that Tamae would beat Miu through honest means. She is one of the students to constantly being absent from the school because of the Cosmic Energy of the Zodiarts Switches. She returns in episode 25, wanting to ask Gentaro to the prom. She, along with Ritsuko and Jin are accused to be the cause of all havoc wrecked in the school near graduation, irritating them enough to skip their convocation altogether. At Gentaro's annoying insistence, she and Jin end up going to the prom together instead.

Tamae Sakuma is portrayed by Maria Yoshikawa (吉川 まりあ Yoshikawa Maria).[3]


Fumihiro Nitta (新田 文博 Nitta Fumihiro) is a first-year student who is a member of the fencing team who was used by JK as his human shield from bullies. As a result of injuries from taking the beatings, Nitta was unable to enter a fencing tournament before learning of JK's deception and vowed to take his revenge. The chance for payback on JK presented itself when the Scorpion Zodiarts gives him a Zodiarts Switch that allows him to transform into the Unicorn Zodiarts (ユニコーン・ゾディアーツ Yunikōn Zodiātsu). While fighting Kamen Rider Fourze, Nitta's desire for revenge causes a sudden evolution in his Zodiarts form where his horse-faced mask converts into the Longsword Monarch (長剣 モナーク Chōken Monāku) rapier. This new power, combined with his ability to project horseshoe-shaped energy projectiles, makes the Unicorn Zodiarts a force to be reckoned with in a fight. After capturing JK, Nitta amusingly allows him a chance for freedom by contacting someone for help, with full knowledge that no one in JK's circle would save him. However, Gentaro, thought to be the last on the list who'd actually come save JK, proves Nitta wrong by coming to save the guy who betrayed his trust. Gentaro manages to transform into Kamen Rider Fourze Elek States and destroys the Zodiarts with the Rider Ten Billion Volt Break. Though JK intends to beat the daylights out of Nitta for slighting him, Gentaro stops him while reminding him that he is the one in the wrong in the first place, while offering his friendship to Nitta.

Fumihiro Nitta is portrayed by Kiyotaka Uji (宇治 清高 Uji Kiyotaka).[4]


Teruhiko Satake (佐竹 輝彦 Satake Teruhiko) is a first-year student who is the rebellious son of AGHS's Takashi Satake. Though he is a student who scores good grades, he is unhappy with his life and adopts delinquent hobbies and mannerisms. At some point, he receives a Zodiarts Switch from the Scorpion Zodiarts in order to transform into the Hound Zodiarts (ハウンド・ゾディアーツ Haundo Zodiātsu) and uses his newly gained abilities to be himself and go on a rampage, or "hunting" as he calls it, attacking anyone and anything nearby when he feels like it. He fights with his powerful claws and the chain that hangs around his neck. The Hound Zodiarts can also fire a barrage of needle-like energy bullets from the dog's face on his chest. Eventually in his Last One state, the Hound Zodiarts gains a thickened hide and none of the usual attacks from the Kamen Rider work on him. While the Scorpion Zodiarts supports the Hound Zodiarts in fighting Kamen Rider Fourze, Shun Daimonji pilots the Powerdizer to hold the former off so the Kamen Rider can fight the Hound Zodiarts one-on-one and destroy him with the Rider Lightning Drill Kick.

Teruhiko Satake is portrayed by Ryūji Satō (佐藤 流司 Satō Ryūji).[5]


Ritsuko Usaka (鵜坂 律子 Usaka Ritsuko) is a third-year girl who has been blamed for various unexplained incidents in Amanogawa High due to her tendency to isolate herself and have certain psychic powers, much like Tomoko. She gives into the persecution and becomes the bad girl everyone perceives her to be as she forms her own witches' coven called the Lunar Witches (月世界の魔女 Gessekai no Majo) with other scorned social outcasts. She is given a Zodiarts Switch that allows her to transform into the Altar Zodiarts (アルター・ゾディアーツ Arutā Zodiātsu), granting her powerful telekinetic powers via her Aradia (アラディア) staff. However, Ritsuko's passion for the occult evolves her Zodiarts form to also use pyrokinetic powers. Creating moon pendants for her followers to wear, Ritsuko uses her powers to make it appear that she and the members of her group are actually witches before Kengo exposes the deception. By then, using the Zodiarts Switch in its Last One state, the Altar Zodiarts proceeds to enact her plan to burn the entire school to the ground. When her plan is ruined, she becomes infuriated and overpowers Kamen Rider Fourze in battle. Upon transforming into Fire States, Kamen Rider Fourze absorbs her fire-based attacks before destroying her Zodiarts form with the Rider Exploding Shoot. She returns in episode 25, wanting to ask Gentaro to the prom. She, along with Tamae and Jin are accused to be the cause of all havoc wrecked in the school near graduation, irritating them enough to skip their convocation altogether. To ensure that prom goes well for everybody, the Kamen Rider Club have Ryusei be her prom date, which she is satisfied enough to go along with.

Ritsuko Usaka is portrayed by Hikari Kajiwara (梶原 ひかり Kajiwara Hikari).[6]


Hiroki Makise (牧瀬 弘樹 Makise Hiroki) is a second-year student who is the president of the AGHS astronomy club who is infatuated with Yuki and constantly stalks her. Obtaining a Zodiarts Switch, Makise becomes the Pyxis Zodiarts (ピクシス・ゾディアーツ Pikushisu Zodiātsu) and uses his dowsing rod-like horns to track down anything and also direct the motion of any object he points them at. In combat, the Pyxis Zodiarts can use the mentioned horns to slash his opponent, though in a very ineffective manner as Makise himself is not a competent fighter. After seeing her with Gentaro, overpowered by Kamen Rider Fourze and the Powerdizer in their first fight, a heart-broken Makise decides to make Yuki pay for her choice in friends. To that end, he pretends to help Yuki find the missing locker that connects to the Rabbit Hatch so he can destroy it, succeeding by redirecting the missiles from Fourze's Launcher Module. Soon after, Makise decides to exact his revenge on every other girl who rejected him by having them get on a bus which he would force over an unfinished bridge. However, after the Zodiarts Switch assumes the Last One state, the Pyxis Zodiarts's scheme fails when Kamen Rider Fourze Elek States uses the Stealth Module to move around unseen, breaking the horns on his arms off with his Billy the Rod while he is at it. Rendered powerless, the Pyxis Zodiarts is quickly destroyed with Makise back in his body as he receives swift and brutal retaliation from the girls.

Hiroki Makise is portrayed by Takafumi Shinohara (篠原 孝文 Shinohara Takafumi).[7]


Soshi Motoyama (元山 惣帥 Motoyama Sōshi) is a second-year student who is the president of the AGHS art club who wishes to create the perfect piece of art for a local kindergarten, having given them one a year prior. He is approached by the Libra Zodiarts, seeing him as a potential Horoscopes member, and is given a Zodiarts Switch that allows him to transform into the Perseus Zodiarts (ペルセウス・ゾディアーツ Peruseusu Zodiātsu), arming him with the Oracle (オラクル Orakuru) sword. He also has Medusa (メドゥーサ Medūsa) on his left arm, which enables him to turn anything he touches to stone. Motoyama uses his power to attack and petrify anyone and anything that interferes in his work's creation. Even though his Last One form is destroyed by Kamen Rider Fourze Fire States, the Zodiarts Switch recreates the Perseus Zodiarts's body as he gains the ability to fire petrification beams from his Medusa hand. However, though Gentaro failed in his attempt to reach him by challenging him to a painting contest, the Perseus Zodiarts later realizes that he made a grave error in judgement over his actions by realizing that the perfection he sought is only in form and was for his own satisfaction only. The Perseus Zodiarts then accepts Gentaro's friendship with the intent of returning to a human before the Libra Zodiarts converts him into a berserker for his Resurrection Star losing its glow. However, with the help of Kamen Rider Meteor holding the Libra Zodiarts at bay, Kamen Rider Fourze uses the Pen Switch to disable the berserk Perseus Zodiarts before destroying him. Back in his body, Motoyama is later seen creating a new painting to give to the kindergarteners. His Zodiarts form is seen in Ryusei's dream, defeated by Meteor Storm to search for the Aries Zodiarts.

Soshi Motoyama is portrayed by Ryutarou Akimoto (秋元 龍太朗 Akimoto Ryūtarō).[8]


Kimio Nonomura (野々村 公夫 Nonomura Kimio) is a second-year student who is Kengo's rival. The Zodiarts Switch given to him by the Libra Zodiarts enables him to transform into the Lynx Zodiarts (リンクス・ゾディアーツ Rinkusu Zodiātsu) who is agile and has sharp claws on both of his hands. Due to the infighting between Kamen Riders Fourze and Meteor, the latter manages to destroy the Lynx Zodiarts with the Starlight Shower. However, the Lynx Zodiarts revives and enters the stage of potential that will enable him to transform into one of the Horoscopes, with Kamen Rider Meteor covering the Zodiarts's escape on the hope that the Lynx Zodiarts might evolve into the Aries Zodiarts. He continues his attacks until he is pursued by Kamen Rider Fourze using the Wheel Switch, then is promptly destroyed by Fourze using the Rider Lightning Drill Kick and his Zodiarts Switch is turned off. His Zodiarts form is seen in Ryusei's dream, defeated by Kamen Rider Meteor Storm in search of the Aries Zodiarts.

Kimio Nonomura is portrayed by Shohei Yamazaki (山崎 将平 Yamazaki Shōhei).[9]


Jin Nomoto (野本 仁 Nomoto Jin) is a third-year student who is the intimidating captain of the AGHS track and field team who forbids his team from taking outside help to secure his control over his teammates. He receives a Zodiarts Switch from the Libra Zodiarts and is able to become the Dragon Zodiarts (ドラゴン・ゾディアーツ Doragon Zodiātsu). As the Dragon Zodiarts, his nigh-impervious hide makes him immune to physical attacks and resistant to heat and electrical energy, and he is able to absorb and redirect energies, as well as create metal spheres to punch with or throw. He is sent by the Libra Zodiarts to get rid of Kamen Riders Fourze and Meteor, and he sees it as nothing more than a fun challenge. He is also deemed by the Virgo Zodiarts to be on par with a Horoscopes member in terms of power, making him an ideal Horoscopes member. An important clue to the Dragon Zodiarts identity was that he would not stop talking about how fighting the Kamen Riders is more fun than track practice. Jin reveals himself to be the Dragon Zodiarts in front of everyone after seeing that Kengo continues to help Rumi Egawa. After entering the Last One state, the Dragon Zodiarts is compressed into oblivion by Kamen Rider Fourze Magnet States' Rider Super Electromagnetic Bomber with the Switch switched off and Jin taken to the hospital soon after. He is seen later appreciating Gentaro's efforts in changing him though chides him for being oblivious to Tamae's and Ritsuko's feelings, both who wanted to go the prom with Gentaro. He, along with Tamae and Ritsuko are accused to be the cause of all havoc wrecked in the school near graduation, irritating them enough to skip their convocation altogether. He went to prom with Tamae eventually due to Gentaro's annoying insistence.

Jin Nomoto is portrayed by Ryu Ando (安藤 龍 Andō Ryū).[10]


Norio Eguchi (江口 規夫 Eguchi Norio) is a cosplay otaku at AGHS who watched Kamen Rider Fourze during his fight with the Lynx Zodiarts and wanted to be a hero like him yet lacked the nerve to do so. Soon after, Eguchi receives a Zodiarts Switch from the Libra Zodiarts which causes him to develop a split personality with the dark aspects of himself occupying the Cygnus Zodiarts (キグナス・ゾディアーツ Kigunasu Zodiātsu), which simply calls himself "Cycnus" (キッグナス Kiggunasu) as he begins to take control of Eguchi's body whenever he is distressed without his knowledge. Eguchi simply remembers what Cycnus has done as a bystander. As the Cygnus Zodiarts, he is armed with sharp claws on his hands, and he uses his feathers for multiple purposes from throwing them around to make a grand entrance to using them as shuriken, and has powerful kicks that resemble ballet moves. Portraying himself as a hero, the Cygnus Zodiarts obtains a large following of people called the Ugly Duckling Society (醜いアヒルの子の会 Minikui Ahiru-no-ko no Kai), which is led by Misa Toriizaki, who uses a point system to judge people like the Zodiarts does. While claiming to be a hero of justice, Cycnus actually wants admiration and will attack anyone who he sees as a threat to his true plan: replacing Kamen Rider Fourze, as well as those who refuse to see him as a superior being. When Eguchi is revealed to be the Switcher, having no knowledge that Cycnus was the product of his own mind, the Kamen Rider Club helps him to perform actual good deeds before finally revealing to him that he is indeed the Zodiarts. He successfully rejects the Zodiarts Switch and his dark self as the item assumes its Last One state. However, the Cancer Zodiarts abducts him so the Ugly Duckling Society can force Eguchi to take the form of their hero. Cycnus reveals his true colors by using Misa as a human shield when Kamen Rider Fourze arrives, breaking the Ugly Duckling Society's faith in him at the same time. After the Cygnus Zodiarts is destroyed by Kamen Rider Meteor as payback for an earlier fight, the Ugly Duckling Society disbands while Eguchi lives his dream of being a hero, starting with doing good deeds and now donning a costume resembling Kamen Rider Fourze.

Norio Eguchi is portrayed by Shugo Nagashima (永嶋 柊吾 Nagashima Shūgo). The voice of "Cycnus" is provided by Taiki Matsuno (松野 太紀 Matsuno Taiki).[11]


Yayoi Tokuda (徳田 弥生 Tokuda Yayoi) is a third-year student who is the president of AGHS's school newspaper, having a love for the school. Because of her intense need to discover the truth behind events, she discovers the identities of three former Zodiarts Switchers prior to receiving a Zodiarts Switch from the Cancer Zodiarts. Becoming the Coma Zodiarts (コーマ・ゾディアーツ Kōma Zodiātsu), able to use her hair as tendrils or to create clones of others that she controls like puppets, Yayoi's love to stay in school is warped by the Switch, making her think that ruining both the convocation and the prom will allow her to stay in high school forever. Before being revealed, Yayoi creates clones of the Chameleon Zodiarts, the Altar Zodiarts, and the Dragon Zodiarts to run amok in the school while dragging the names of former Switchers through the mud for a scoop to ruin the convocation. However, when that failed, Yayoi resolved to crash the prom after assuming her Zodiarts's Last One state before her Zodiarts body is smashed between Kamen Rider Fourze and the Powerdizer.

Yayoi Tokuda is portrayed by Kasumi Suzuki (鈴木 かすみ Suzuki Kasumi).[12]


Haru Kusao (草尾 ハル Kusao Haru) is a meek new first-year student at Amanogawa High School who along with his middle school friend Ran Kuroki is invited by Gentaro to join the Kamen Rider Club. Haru receives a Zodiarts Switch and becomes the Musca Zodiarts (ムスカ・ゾディアーツ Musuka Zodiātsu), gaining the ability to spit a powerful mucus-like slime from his mouth and to jump long distances. Though Ran tries to talk him into getting rid of the Zodiarts Switch, Haru's refusal to give up such a power causes his Zodiarts form to undergo a metamorphosis into a more powerful second form called Phase 2 (フェーズ2 Fēzu Tsū) where he can break his body up into a swarm of flies, though he cannot quite control this ability. When the Zodiarts Switch's Last One state is reached, the Musca Zodiarts metamorphoses into Phase 3 (フェーズ3 Fēzu Surī) which is able to fly and shoot light beams. The Musca Zodiarts is eventually defeated when Mr. Ohsugi gives Kamen Rider Fourze the Net Switch back, allowing for the Musca Zodiarts to be immobilized. But because of his mental instability, destroying him would only keep him in this state. Only after Ran says that she does not have to protect him is Haru able to become his old self again and is defeated by Magnet States.

Later, after returning to his body, Haru is given provisional membership alongside Ran while recuperating from his injuries in the hospital. By the end of the series, Haru and Ran have been made official Kamen Rider Club members.

Haru Kusao is portrayed by Jigen Araki (荒木 次元 Araki Jigen).[13]


The Horoscopes (ホロスコープス Horosukōpusu), alternatively called the Twelve Constellations of the Zodiac (黄道十二星座 Kōdō Jū-Ni Seiza), are the series' main recurring antagonists. Originally normal Zodiarts, they undergo an evolution of their human selves, keeping their human bodies unlike less advanced Last One Zodiarts. They answer directly to Mituaki Gamou and serve as members of his inner circle, sharing his ideals while believing themselves and those they select to be chosen by the Universe, to become superior beings. This is relevant as Gamou is among those who were reached by the Presenters (プレゼンター Purezentā), a mysterious alien race that sends Core Switches to various worlds to enable the dominant race of that planet to reverse engineer a means to contact them. In humanity's case, their Core Switch became the basis for the Fourze Driver and the Zodiarts Switches.

Possessing unique golden and crimson-colored Zodiarts Switches with each button engraved with its Zodiarts form's respective astrological symbol, the Horoscopes normally wear heavy robes which they discard should they need to fight at their full potential. They can use their Cosmic Energies to conjure footsoldiers called Stardust Ninja Dustards (星屑忍者ダスタード Hoshikuzu Ninja Dasutādo), each of which are armed with katana-like Duswords (ダスソード Dasusōdo).[14] They are also able to undergo a transformation called Supernova (超新星 Chōshinsei), some assuming an even more powerful form resembling an enormous version of their constellation, with the normal Zodiarts form embedded as a "pilot" of sorts somewhere on the giant form, while others feature subtle changes with new powers. The Supernova powers can only be used for a limited period as overuse will result in the said Zodiarts' destruction. The original four members, posing as staff members in AGHS, seek to complete their intended twelve-member group by recruiting eight more from those among the AGHS student body they select to use Zodiarts Switches, whom they believe to have the mental status to awaken their Resurrection Star (最輝星 Saikisei) and transcend the Last One phase. Once all twelve Horoscopes are gathered, Gamou will cause a mysterious event called the Day of Awakening (覚醒の日 Kakusei no Hi) where he uses the eleven additional Switches and the atmospheric vortex above the school known as The Hole (ザ・ホール Za Hōru) would be converted into the Dark Nebula (ダークネビュラ Dāku Nebyura), a dimensional labyrinth created from the negative Cosmic Energy produced from a Zodiarts's creation, to allow him to reach the Presenter. But in the process, the Dark Nebula's pull would destroy the entire city. While all twelve Horoscopes Switches have been created and in his hands, Gamou is unable to enact the Day of Awakening due to Kengo's interference. But even though he kills Kengo to rectify it, Gamou's scheme is ultimately foiled by the Kamen Rider Club.


Sarina Sonoda (園田 紗里奈 Sonoda Sarina) is the youthful and beautiful homeroom teacher of class 2-B who teaches classical literature. Though she appears to be a teacher every student in the school loves, she is actually a member of the Horoscopes who uses her pleasant facade to know the students better in order to find ideal suitors for Zodiarts Switches. She herself was originally an AGHS student until she met Hayami, who gave her a Zodiarts Switch that enabled her to become the Canis Minor Zodiarts (カニスミノル・ゾディアーツ Kanisu Minoru Zodiātsu).[15] Eventually, after her Zodiarts Switch assumed its Last One state and her Resurrection Star glowed, Ms. Sonoda discarded her humanity and evolved into the Scorpion Zodiarts (スコーピオン・ゾディアーツ Sukōpion Zodiātsu). While in her Scorpion Zodiarts state, Ms. Sonoda's voice deepens to sound masculine, possibly to avoid suspicion regarding her identity. Out of Gamou's inner circle, Ms. Sonoda is the most loyal to his cause and serves as his right hand.

Using the special Scorpion Switch to assume her Zodiarts form, the Scorpion Zodiarts uses a kick-based fighting style. She is also armed with powerful claw gauntlets and a scorpion's tail-like ponytail that doubles as a whip and can inject an agonizing venom into her victims. The Scorpion Zodiarts initially works behind the scenes, distributing the Zodiarts Switches to students that want to seek revenge against those who have slighted them. The Scorpion Zodiarts later appears before Kamen Rider Fourze during the events of the Chameleon Zodiarts's vendetta against Miu, though originally ordered by Gamou to not eliminate the Kamen Rider and instead fights him when his meddling becomes a hindrance. But once she begins to give Miura a new Zodiarts Switch, Ms. Sonoda is given full permission to kill Kamen Rider Fourze. During her plot to kill off Gentarou, Gamou gives Ms. Sonoda a boost in power to awaken her Supernova status, giving her the ability to become the scorpion man-like Scorpion Nova (スコーピオン・ノヴァ Sukōpion Nova). This enables her to battle the now visibly stronger Kamen Rider Fourze, with her lower body capable of transforming into a large scorpion body with a gigantic tail, being equal in size to the Powerdizer when transformed. Her body in this form can also amass enough energy to destroy a city. However, the scheme fails as she is defeated by Kamen Rider Fourze in space with his Big Space Rider Rocket Drill Kick. Spirited away by Hayami with her identity protected, Ms. Sonoda's Zodiarts Switch is taken away from her until she pleads Gamou into giving it back to her in response to the appearance of Kamen Rider Meteor. However, losing against Kamen Rider Meteor shortly in a one-on-one fight, Ms. Sonoda is seemingly banished into the Dark Nebula by the Virgo Zodiarts as punishment for her repeated failures. Though later revealed to be alive and in suspended animation within the M-BUS, Sonoda's Scorpion Switch is given to Gamou before he entrusts its use to Tatsugami. Her disappearance is covered up soon after to make it seem that she is on a sabbatical and then a resignation due to health reasons.

An anagram of her name Sonoda Sarina (そのださりな?) is the phrase Sasori na no da (さそりなのだ?), which means "I am the scorpion".[16]

Sarina Sonoda is portrayed by Yuka Konan (虎南 有香 Konan Yuka). The masculine voice of the Scorpion Zodiarts is provided by Eiji Takemoto (竹本 英史 Takemoto Eiji).[17][18]


Kouhei Hayami (速水 公平 Hayami Kōhei) is the principal of Amanogawa High School. He is an attractive and charming young man who has a Ph.D in Physics, that most of the student body and faculty, even the mothers of the students, save for Mr. Ohsugi, fall for. In actuality, he is a loyal member of the Horoscopes who uses the Libra Switch to transform into the Libra Zodiarts (リブラ・ゾディアーツ Ribura Zodiātsu) who uses his khakkhara called Dikē (ディケ Dike) to create illusions to fool his targets. Though capable of holding his own in a fight, the Libra Zodiarts is one of the weaker members within the Horoscopes in terms of combat capabilities as he overwhelmed when the Kamen Riders have access to their upgrade forms. He is a shrewd character with an inquisitive nature and has managed to prevail thus far, due to him actively avoid direct confrontation with the Kamen Riders and undying loyalty to Gamou. True to the nature of his Zodiarts form, which is based on a star sign that takes the form of a scale, Hayami has a habit of using terms related to weight like "light" and "heavy" when talking to others.

In his first appearance before the Kamen Rider Club, he saves the unconscious Ms. Sonoda while casting an illusion over her to protect her identity from Kamen Rider Fourze. Hayami then reluctantly takes over her duties in the distribution of Zodiarts Switches, targeting those among his prized pupils who have the potential to become Horoscopes. He also rarely intervenes with the businesses of his Zodiarts recruits by fighting Kamen Rider Fourze. After Ms. Sonoda is sent to the Dark Nebula, Hayami is ordered by a worrisome Gamou to speed up his recruitment strategy. Playing an indirect role in bringing Natsuji Kijima into the Horoscopes' ranks, not tolerating the newcomer's blatant disrespect towards him on many levels, Hayami takes advantage of Kijima's defeat by Kamen Rider Meteor Storm to get him sent into Kijima into the Dark Nebula while he gives Gamou the Cancer Switch. Using a field trip to Kyoto have Kamen Rider Fourze's presence reveal four altars gathering Cosmic Energy to The Hole above the city, with Tatsugami assigned to oversee his progress, Hayami destroys the four altars so only The Hole above AGHS can amass Cosmic Energy. Though he succeeds, his defeat by Kamen Rider Fourze deems him as of no further use to Gamou.

However, Hayami's desperation of being exiled causes him to manifest his Supernova state in the form of the Eye of Laplace (ラプラスの瞳 Rapurasu no Hitomi), a power that enables him to see a person's "Fate of the Stars" (星の運命 Hoshi no Sadame) to see not only one's potential to become a Horoscopes member but eventually locate other Horoscopes Switches. With this newfound power, Gamou allows Hayami to stay so they can put his new power in recruiting the Capricorn, Aquarius, and Taurus Zodiarts. But as the final phase of Gamou's plan begins, playing a role in Emoto's death and in Dark Yuki's creation, Hayami begins to question the Horoscopes' goal and where he fits in it once his usefulness comes to an end before being welcomed into Gamou's inner circle as he learns the nature of the Day of Awakening. As revealed in the Net Movies, with Tatsugami harassing him to no end, Hayami spends his time searching for the final Horoscopes member by interviewing students before finally finding Ran. From there, Hayami formulates a scheme where he appears to betray Gamou to ensure that Ran becomes the Pisces Zodiarts, giving his Libra Switch to the Kamen Rider Club as a proof of his conviction before it ends up being Tatsugami who secretly gives it back to him. But once everything goes to plan, Hayami reveals his true colors before taking a Rider Super Galaxy Finish meant for the Sagittarius Zodiarts. Drifting into the Dark Nebula, satisfied with his self-sacrifice, the Libra Zodiarts is vaporized by the vortex's lightning.

His given name Kōhei (公平?) is also the Japanese word for "fairness", "impartial", and "justice", referencing that the constellation of Libra represents the scales of Astraea, the Greek goddess of justice.

Kouhei Hayami is portrayed by Kousei Amano (天野 浩成 Amano Kōsei).[19]


The Virgo Zodiarts (ヴァルゴ・ゾディアーツ Varugo Zodiātsu) is a feminine-appearing Zodiarts who serves as the judge and executioner amongst the Horoscopes. Armed with the Rhodia (ロディア Rodia) halberd, the Virgo Zodiarts can produce barriers strong enough to deflect even Kamen Rider Fourze's Cosmic States Limit Breaks, fire black hole-like orbs that eats away cleanly at anything they touch, and conjure a portal to send victims to what is claimed to be the Dark Nebula. It is ultimately revealed that the Virgo Zodiarts is actually a man named Kuniteru Emoto (江本 州輝 Emoto Kuniteru), a research associate in OSTO with Rokuro Utahoshi and Mituaki Gamou studying Cosmic Energy. However, Emoto was jealous of Utahoshi, who he always saw as the vibrant Earth, with Gamou as the illuminating sun and himself as the moon, paling in comparison to either but reflecting the sun's light. Forming a partnership with Gamou, Emoto chose power over friendship and stole the Zodiarts Switches from the OSTO space station, something Emoto would regret later on. He had a brief scuffle with Utahoshi before escaping in a Lunar Module, leaving his former friend stranded on the moon. Soon after, vowing to take Utahoshi's place as the Earth in their relationship to Gamou, Emoto became one of the first members of the Horoscopes as Virgo, a specialist in space-time warping, originally using it to travel from Amanogawa High to the Kyoto Space University (宇宙京都大学 Uchū Kyōto Daigaku) where he works as a professor studying The Hole above Kyoto.

Emoto also uses his teleportation powers to travel to the M-BUS satellite where he dons a mask and adopts the alias of "Tachibana" (タチバナ), Ryusei's contact as Kamen Rider Meteor. Using voice-altering software and claiming to be from the Anti-Zodiarts Union, Emoto recruited Ryusei into becoming Kamen Rider Meteor and gave Kengo the Gate Switch which eventually lands him on the Rabbit Hatch. These actions are part of his ultimate motive to actually subvert Gamou's agenda. Furthermore, lying that he sent former members to die in the Dark Nebula, Emoto actually sends his former Horoscopes members to the M-BUS where they enter suspended animation for their own protection.

First appearing in his Zodiarts form during the events of Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max, Emoto attempts to capture Nadeshiko for Gamou before being forced to fall back after being hit with the Double Rider Rocket Punch.[20][21] Soon after sending Ryusei to Amanogawa High, telling him to keep his identity a secret, Emoto proceeds to watch over the events to follow as both the Virgo Zodiarts in watching Hayami's progress after banishing Ms. Sonoda and playing a part in Kijima's evolution into the Cancer Zodiarts, and as Tachibana in giving Ryusei the Meteor Storm Switch and allowing him to remain a Kamen Rider after the Kamen Rider Club learned his identity, on the condition they ensure no one else finds out. By that time, unaware of his benefactor's identity while curious of his intent to help people, Ryusei begins to suspect the Virgo Zodiarts to have his own agenda. After The Hole in Kyoto is negated, Emoto transfers to Miraikan where he becomes an instructor to Kengo, Yuki, and Tomoko. When Tomoko learned of his identity as the Virgo Zodarts while inspecting the Dark Nebula, Emoto sends her to the M-BUS to conceal his secret before proceeding to intimidate Yuki, Miu, Shun, and JK to leave the Kamen Rider Club. This act was so Emoto, using his Tachibana guise, can train Gentaro, into using the Cosmic Switch without having to rely on friendship, the answer of which he believes lies within ruthlessness. Failing to take account for Kengo's ingenuity and the Libra Zodiarts' evolving Supernova powers, Emoto's identities as both Tachibana and the Virgo Zodiarts are accidentally revealed to both the Kamen Rider Club and the Horoscopes along with his agenda. Once doubting the power of friendship as he had experienced its frailty first hand, he regains faith in the sentiment after seeing how Gentaro is able to use Cosmic States again due to his reinforced faith in the friendship he forged, as well as how the Kamen Rider Club chooses to stay by his side eventually despite the danger looming ahead. Soon after, he and Gentaro become friends. However, Emoto is mortally wounded by the Sagittarius Zodiarts prior to spiriting Kengo away to reveal the truth of his father's death. After pleaing Kengo to stop the Horoscopes, the greatly weakened Emoto is landed the final blow by the Leo Zodiarts after teleporting them and the Libra Zodiarts away from Kengo. Losing the Virgo Zodiarts Switch to Gamou as he is left to die, Emoto's final thoughts are the knowledge that he has gained new true friends and has done something worthwhile. However, Emoto leaves behind a flash drive that Kengo finds, the contents of which detail his origins and the window of opportunity should the Day of Awakening start.

His surname Emoto (江本?) when romanized is the Japanese word Otome (乙女?), translated as "Virgin", read backwards.[22] The kanji that make up his given name Kuniteru (州輝?) can be read as Supika (スピカ?, "Spica"), which is a combination of su, an alternate reading of kuni (?), and pika, a Japanese onomatopoeia for the word kagayaku (輝く?, "to shine"). As "Tachibana", Emoto took his name from the legendary man who aided the first seven Kamen Riders: Tōbei Tachibana (立花 藤兵衛 Tachibana Tōbee).

Kuniteru Emoto is portrayed by Hajime Yamazaki (山崎 一 Yamazaki Hajime). The female voice of the Virgo Zodiarts is provided by Rie Tanaka (田中 理恵 Tanaka Rie), who also voices Shun's mother.[23] The voice of Tachibana is performed by Nobuyuki Hiyama (檜山 修之 Hiyama Nobuyuki), who is also the series' narrator.


Kou Tatsugami (立神 吼 Tatsugami Kō) is a skilled martial artist who originally fought in street fights with little to live for. But it was after meeting and being bested by Gamou that Tatsugami found purpose in his life in the Horoscopes, becoming fanatically loyal to Gamou and serving as both his personal aide and bodyguard. He usually is seen crushing two walnuts with his bare hand as a display of his strength and drinks liquor alone in a quiet environment, taking offense to anyone who disrupts him at the time and attacking them regardless if they are allies. Though he knows Gamou's plan would destroy everything, Tatsugami is willing to die if helps his master. As the member of the Horoscopes as the Leo Zodiarts (レオ・ゾディアーツ Reo Zodiātsu), one of the strongest fighters of the group with his massive clawed gauntlets and powerful lion's roar shock-wave attack, super speed, and toughness capable of shaking off Limit Breaks effortlessly. The Leo Zodiarts, compared to other Horoscopes, can also produce his own personal kabuki-themed retainers known as the Leo Dustards (レオ・ダスタード Reo Dasutādo) that use twin Duswords. Prior to his formal meeting with the Kamen Rider Club, Tatsugami assumed his Zodiarts form to oversee the transaction of Gamou giving a set of Zodarts Switches to Lem Kannagi.[20][21] Tatsugami is sent by Gamou to oversee Hayami's progress in Kyoto, assuming his Zodiarts form to over power both Kamen Riders at once without any help. Meeting Tojiro Goto, Tatsugami cryptically revealed the new member's ability might be useful in locating the Core Switch, proven later by Gamou himself that he is now able to sense faint traces of the mysterious Switch. Like Gamou, Tatsugami has a unique physique where he can use the Zodiarts Switches of other Horoscopes members, his natural fighting abilities allowing him to effectively fight better than their original Switchers. After executing Emoto for his betrayal, Tatsugami takes over the role of obtaining the final two Horoscopes Switches. In the end, having had constant battles with Ryusei since their first meeting, Tatsugami is defeated by Kamen Rider Meteor Storm and his body dissolves away into stardust.

An alternate reading of his surname Tatsugami (立神?) is Tategami, which is also the Japanese word for "mane" ( tategami). The kanji used in his given name (?) is one of the kanji used for the word hoeru (吼える?, "to roar").

Kou Tatsugami is portrayed by Kazutoshi Yokoyama (横山 一敏 Yokoyama Kazutoshi).[24]


Natsuji Kijima (鬼島 夏児 Kijima Natsuji) is an arrogant second-year student with a sharp tongue and who displays hostility toward anyone who irritates him. Originally president of the AGHS rakugo club, Kijima found a Zodiarts Switch by chance that the Libra Zodiarts dropped during a fight with Kamen Rider Fourze and becomes the Pegasus Zodiarts (ペガサス・ゾディアーツ Pegasasu Zodiātsu), acquiring a new-found taste for power.[25] Using his newfound power, Kijima seeks revenge, while also for fun, on the new 2-B homeroom teacher Ms. Haruka Utsugi for taking his rakugo fan by attacking any martial artists he finds, mimicking her fighting style so the Kamen Rider Club would believe she is the Switcher. However, the club learns the truth before Kamen Rider Fourze Elek States destroys the Pegasus Zodiarts. Unfortunately, with the Virgo Zodiarts's help when his Zodiarts form resurrects, Kijima is able to evolve into the Cancer Zodiarts (キャンサー・ゾディアーツ Kyansā Zodiātsu), who is armed with sharp and heavy pincers on his left forearm, capable of cutting just about anything, liquify himself to retreat or disappear, and his body is protected by a hard-spiky carapace strong enough to withstand even the Rider Super Electromagnetic Bomber Limit Break unscathed. All of the above combat-specific features, along with the ability to remove the life force of people and place them in comas, enable him to become the most powerful Hororscopes warrior so far. Although being the fifth Horoscopes and winning Gamou's favor, Kijima flaunts his strength around without discretion unlike his other Horoscopes comrades, and constantly picks fights with the Kamen Riders. He has also made an enemy out of Hayami by not only insisting on being treated as an equal, but also belittling the principal at every turn.

While learning Kamen Rider Meteor's identity, proceeding to mess with him for his amusement, Kijima somehow manages to evoke his latent Supernova powers on his own, enabling him to transform into the more crab-like Cancer Nova (キャンサー・ノヴァ Kyansā Nova), with even more impregnable armor than his regular Cancer Zodiarts form. This amuses Gamou even more, although the chairman does muse behind Kijima's back that the Cancer Zodiarts's evolution is going too fast. After being defeated in his Supernova form by Kamen Rider Meteor's newly obtained Meteor Storm form, Kijima limps onto the AGHS campus and drops his Zodiarts Switch, which Principal Hayami takes. Though Kijima pleads with the principal, saying that he knows the true identity of Kamen Rider Meteor and the information would prove useful enough to win back Gamou's favor, Hayami states his intent to do away with him regardless. Finding himself in the form of a meddling detective by Hayami's illusion, Kijima is sent to the Dark Nebula by an unsuspecting Virgo Zodiarts after Hayami talks her into it. Hayami later conceals his actions by claiming that Kijima had died in battle, unaware that Kijima is actually in suspended animation within the M-BUS, as he gives Gamou the Cancer Switch before it is entrusted to Tatsugami.

The kanji that make up his given name Natsuji (夏児?) are read in the on'yomi method as kani (かに?), the Japanese word for "crab."

Natsuji Kijima is portrayed by Soran Tamoto (タモト 清嵐 Tamoto Soran).[26][27]


Tatsumori Yamada (山田 竜守 Yamada Tatsumori) is a transfer student at SBHS who is originally a quiet member of AGHS's drama club. However, upon arriving to Subaruboshi High, Yamada used the Zodiarts Switch he obtained to become the Lepus Zodiarts before evolving into the sixth member of the Horoscopes known as the Aries Zodiarts (アリエス・ゾディアーツ Ariesu Zodiātsu). Armed with a scepter called Coppelius (コッペリウス Kopperiusu), the Aries Zodiarts emits an aura that can slow down or speed up a person's bodily functions, allowing him to easily tire people out as well as rendering people unconscious. While not shown to be powerful in direct combat, the Aries Zodiarts's ability to put his opponent to sleep makes him extremely dangerous regardless, even to fellow Horoscopes if he wants to. He abuses this ability and developed a god complex to the point of totally disregarding the Horoscopes' interest in general and not meeting with Gamou. Yamada transfers to Subaruboshi High to break away from the chairman's scrutiny, and takes on the title of "The Apostle of Sleep (眠りの使徒 Nemuri no Shito) as he gets the entire school under his control and has everyone act in the roles he assigns them. However, being able to speed up bodily functions of a person means that he can easily revive someone as well. He is eventually brought before the chairman by the Virgo Zodiarts and Hayami advises to him to brace himself for a scolding. To the principal's surprise however, Gamou is rather delighted with Yamada's performance in SBHS, praising Yamada's work so far to be very individualistic and gives him full permission to do as he pleases.

Though Ryusei is only looking for the Aries Zodiarts under Tachibana's orders initially, he sees a way to save Jiro in the said Zodiarts. As a result, against Tachibana's orders, Ryusei decides to make a deal with Yamada, by killing Kamen Rider Fourze, to save Jiro. Honoring his end of the bargin, Yamada proceeds to orchestrate the Kamen Rider Club's deaths when Ryusei arrives to save them before Gentaro overpowers the Aries Zodiarts as Kamen Rider Fourze Cosmic States. Enraged, the Aries Zodiarts briefly transforms into Aries Nova (アリエス・ノヴァ Ariesu Nova), with his horns changing shape while his eyes turn blue and his cape retracting. Though his full abilities in Supernova form are not seen, firing spheres of yellow energy at his opponent, the Aries Zodiarts is defeated by Kamen Rider Fourze's Rider Super Galaxy Finish. As the resulting attack places him in a coma, Yamada's Aries Switch is retrieved by the Virgo Zodiarts and given to Gamou, who then gives it to Tatsugami for safekeeping.

The kanji that make up his given name Tatsumori (竜守?) translate into "dragon guard", referencing the dragon in the legend of the Golden Fleece of the ram Aries.

Tatsumori Yamada is portrayed by Kazuma Kawahara (川原 一馬 Kawahara Kazuma).[28]


Tojiro Goto (五藤 東次郎 Gotō Tōjirō) is a recent transfer student to AGHS who happens to be an old friend of JK's from junior high school. He is a rocker with a hearty appetite, though his guitar playing is terrible. Goto is found by Hayami, using his Eye of Laplace, to possess the potential to evolve from the Lyra Zodiarts (unnamed) into the Capricorn Zodiarts (カプリコーン・ゾディアーツ Kapurikōn Zodiātsu), and is given a Zodiarts Switch prior to evolving into the said Horoscopes member. Unlike other Horoscopes members, he bears no ill will to anyone and just wants to be big as a rocker. As the Capricorn Zodiarts, he is armed with an electric guitar like weapon called Multi-stringed Koto Uruk (多弦琴 ウルク Tagenkin Uruku) that is able to manipulate sound, generating devastating sonic shock waves and entrancing people with his music, as well as trapping people with a Cosmic Energy manifestation of the musical staff. The entranced people will go on a "high" for a period of time before suffering a serious adrenaline crash that can last for days. The Capricorn Zodiarts can also use his music to resonate with certain Switches, with Tatsugami setting up a theory that Goto can find the Core Switch. When Gamou hears the hypothesis, he is impressed and bestows the Supernova powers to the Capricorn Zodiarts to increase the chance that they may succeed in this task.

After becoming one of the Horoscopes, Goto tracks down JK to convince him to reform their band as the new Gene God Dark Night Carnival after discovering that JK is hosting the popular DJ Gene internet radio show, improving JK's singing and his guitar playing through his Capricorn Zodiarts form's powers. However, Goto really wants to use the radio show as a means to brainwash their listeners into becoming crazed fans, though it begins to weaken them overtime. When JK discovers this, he tries to cancel the program, but Goto reminds him of his father's past, which changes his mind, and JK quits the Kamen Rider Club upon revealing they will have a live show a few days later. However, Gentaro, having been taught a song by JK's father that he used to sing to his son when growing up, manages to get through to JK who realizes that he should not be attaining his dream like this. Despite Gentaro's poor guitar skills, JK's terrible singing and the Capricorn Zodiarts' jeering, Gentaro manages to break his spell on the student body, whom all flee when they see a Zodiarts nearby, thus infuriating him. He battles Kamen Rider Fourze once more, but with JK's return to Gentaro's circle of friends, he is able to utilize Cosmic States once more and the Capricorn Zodiarts is defeated before he can even use the Supernova abilities Gamou gave him. Goto is then spirited away to Gamou's headquarters where his Capricorn Switch is confiscated and his memory erased, rather than being banished to the Dark Nebula, as he confirmed the Core Switch is still active.

His surname is pronounced similarly to the English word "goat" (ゴート gōto). Additionally, his rock star name "God" is a reference to Kamen Rider X's antagonists Secret Organization G.O.D., as JK's namesake is Kamen Rider X's Keisuke Jin.

Tojiro Goto is portrayed by Ryousuke Kawamura (川村 亮介 Kawamura Ryōsuke).[29]


Erin Suda (エリーヌ須田 Erīnu Suda) is a third-year student at AGHS who transferred to AGHS from an American school. She is an elite student, although she is not perfectly fluent in Japanese. She came to the school to pursue her dreams of becoming an astronaut like her father prior to his retirement before even getting the chance to go into space by participating in the school's annual Astronaut Selection Exam (宇宙飛行士選抜試験 Uchūhikōshi Senbatsu Shiken). Found by the Libra Zodiarts, Erin is given the means to evolve into the Aquarius Zodiarts (アクエリアス・ゾディアーツ Akueriasu Zodiātsu). As the Aquarius Zodiarts, she is armed with a whip called Nectar (ネクタル Nekutaru) and the vases of water on her shoulders can be used to heal herself or others, making her immune to even Limit Breaks from Kamen Rider Fourze Cosmic States unless both vases are shattered at almost the same time. She meets Gentaro and quickly befriends him, but is distressed after learning her new friend is also Kamen Rider Fourze, someone whom she is tasked to eliminate. Upon meeting Yuki during the Astronaut Selection Exam, Erin expresses utter disdain towards the girl as she reminds her of a colleague of her father's, a people-person she sees has robbed her father of his last chance to go to space. Her disdain of Yuki grew further after a misunderstanding where she thought Yuki had sabotaged her in the exam. On the contrary, thanks to Yuki's clever thinking, Erin is actually saved by Yuki instead. Though she eventually manages to make peace with Yuki, Erin states that they cannot be friends, due to her respect and dedication to Gamou as a Horoscopes member. These conflicting sentiments lead her to a conclusion that one of them must fall, which ultimately leads her to have a final showdown with Gentaro. She is eventually defeated when both vases on her shoulders are shattered, robbing her healing abilities once and for all. After being defeated by Fourze Cosmic States, the Virgo Zodiarts spirits Erin anyway to take her Aquarius Switch and erases her memory of the whole ordeal. Soon after, unable to attend Miraikan alongside the latter, Erin meets Gentaro and Yuki while starting her friendship with them anew.

An anagram of her name "Erin Suda" is "Eridanus", a river in Greek mythology that is sometimes associated with the myth of Aquarius the Water Bearer.

Erin Suda is portrayed by Karen Takizawa (滝沢 カレン Takizawa Karen).[30]


Yuta Sugiura (杉浦 雄太 Sugiura Yūta) is a third year student and AGHS's student body president, having replaced the previous president Sayaka Mibu after she is hospitalized. While participating in the school's annual Astronaut Selection Exam, Sugiura is found by the Libra Zodiarts whose Eye of Laplace show him to have the potential to evolve into the Taurus Zodiarts (タウラス・ゾディアーツ Taurasu Zodiātsu). He hold steadfastly onto the school's policies of allowing as much freedom as possible to the student body previously and constantly bickered with Sayaka over idealistic differences. This eventually indirectly led to her being injured and hospitalized and to everyone's surprise, he lost his cool, seriously panicked and rushed to Sayaka's side immediately after hearing the news from Shoko. With his newfound powers, motivated by his feelings for Sayaka under the delusion that he is doing it for the right reasons, Sugiura creates the Amanogawa Campus Bylaws, various rules that limit the individuality of the student body. As the Taurus Zodiarts, his main power is to force people into keeping with a contracted promise through the use of his scepter called Gu-anna (グアンナ Guanna) as well as taking people's souls and turning them into loyal drones. He is also physically imposing, being both strong and fast in executing short range attacks. Sugiura nearly manages to get the entire school under his control before Gentaro gets Sayaka to convince Sugiura to break his hold, through her breaking a list of bylaws he imposed. Sugiura finally breaks down before her and Gentaro as he is incapable of punishing her for he terrorized the school for her sake in the first place. Though the Virgo Zodiarts offers him a final chance to redeem himself, the Taurus Zodiarts opts to fight the senior Horoscopes instead before being sent into the Dark Nebula. Though later revealed to be alive and in suspended animation within the M-BUS, Sugiura's Taurus Switch is given to Gamou.

The kana that make up Yuta Sugiura's name すぎうらゆうた can be rearranged to form たうらすぎゆう, or Taurusu Gyū (タウラス 牛?, Taurus Bull).

Yuta Sugiura is portrayed by Kenta Itogi (絲木 建太 Itogi Kenta).[31]


The Gemini Zodiarts (ジェミニ・ゾディアーツ Jemini Zodiātsu) is a doppelgänger of Yuki Jojima known as "Dark Yuki" (闇ユウキ Yami Yūki), created when Yuki is forced by the Libra Zodiarts and the Leo Zodiarts to activate a Zodiarts Switch. As a result, instead of melding into her Zodiarts body, the Gemini Switch causes the darkest aspects of her personality to be given a physical form that is identical to Yuki, but with a white mask that has blank expression on her face. Due to Yuki's passion for space, Gamou sees Dark Yuki as a kindred spirit due to Yuki hearing the Presenter as he had. As the Gemini Zodiarts, she has an unorthodox fighting style and is armed with two types of exploding cards: Red cards known as Lynceus (リュンケウス Ryunkeus) that explode upon contact and the blue cards called Idas (イーダス Īdasu) that explode as the Horoscopes wills them to. Her Supernova ability allows the Gemini Zodiarts to produce a clone of herself that doubles as a living explosive. As a result of the separation, while acting on Yuki's darkest desires, Dark Yuki reveals that she has a 24-hour window to usurp Yuki as the dominant aspect while the original self ceases to be. Though she succeeds in that retrospect, taking everything Yuki has for her own, Dark Yuki loses her dominance over Yuki thanks to Gentaro giving the girl a very strong memory to reverse the process. After Dark Yuki is destroyed, Tatsugami retrieves the Gemini Switch for Gamou.

An alternate romanization of Yuki Jojima's name is "Yuuki Jousima", which is an anagram of "I am Soujikyuu"; Sōjikyū (双児宮?) is the Japanese name of Gemini in astrology.

Dark Yuki is portrayed by Fumika Shimizu (清水 富美加 Shimizu Fumika), who also portrayes Yuki Jojima, while the character's voice is provided by Hiromi Konno (今野 宏美 Konno Hiromi).[32]


Ran Kuroki (黒木 蘭 Kuroki Ran) is a new first-year student who is proficient in swimming and aikido. Though Gentaro tries to befriend her and her best friend Haru Kusao, she rejects his friendship outright due to a bad experience with senior students from her old middle school, that convinced her to trust no student older than her and to protect Haru. However, Ran's ideals led to Haru to embrace being the Musca Zodiarts as he rejects her pleas to discard the Zodiarts Switch so she can protect him. When Haru throws away his friendship bracelet into the river, Ran goes to look for it on her own while refusing Gentaro's help. But after Gentaro found the bracelet with the Kamen Rider Club's help, having not told him what she iss looking for, Ran decides to put her trust in her new seniors. Ran is able to snap Haru out of his madness by apologizing for making him feel weak and useless through her protection, allowing Kamen Rider Fourze to destroy the Musca Zodiarts without any further psychological problems to deal with later. Afterwards, she and Haru both ask to join the Kamen Rider Club, and they are made provisional members until Haru is fully recovered.

Ran is later revealed to be the last predestined member of the Horoscopes: the Pisces Zodiarts (ピスケス・ゾディアーツ Pisukesu Zodiātsu) with the ability to liquify herself, swim through solid surfaces, and shoot high pressure water streams. Though Hayami attempted to keep her from becoming the Pisces Zodiarts, Ran is forced into transforming regardless when the Leo Zodiarts brutalizes the principal, as she sees no other way to get out of the situation and save the principal. Though a member of the Horoscopes, her Pisces Switch starts out colored blue to signify its immaturity. Additionally, Ran still considers herself a part of the Kamen Rider Club and resolves to use her newfound powers to fight Gamou and Tatsugami. However, this is all eventually revealed to be a setup, as the Hororscopes need her to activate the switch willingly, as the Pisces Switch will not awaken unless activated and used willingly by the Switcher. Principal Hayami has Tatsugami abduct Haru to force Ran into fully maturing her Pisces Switch before taking it from her. Ran is later taken to the hospital where Haru looks after her before she returns to school and becomes an official Kamen Rider Club member with him.

When Ran Kuroki's name is literally translated, the meanings are "unbarked lumber" (黒木 kuroki) and "orchid" ( ran); the initials of these, "U" and "O", are the Japanese word for "fish" ( uo), the symbolic representation of Pisces.

Pisces in the series was a proficient hand-to-hand combatant. In the movie however, he/she instead used a double ended Trident-like weapon

Ran Kuroki is portrayed by Rin Honoka (ほのか りん Honoka Rin).[33]


Mituaki Gamou (我望 光明 Gamō Mitsuaki), previously referred to as the red-eyed man (赤い目の男 akai me no otoko), is Amanogawa High School's school board chairman who often uses space metaphors in his speech. As a child, Gamou heard the call of the Presenters at the time of the Apollo 11 exploration, motivating him to join NASA and the Russian Federal Space Agency in attempts to fulfill his promise to meet them. While extremely affable and encouraging of others in conversation, Gamou has ultimately always been friendless and finds the concept beneath him, thinking of himself as the sun that all others revolve around. This nature is compounded by his ability to hear the call of the Presenters, which led to Gamou's goal in life being to find a way of making contact and fulfilling what he sees as his destiny.

Twenty years prior to the beginning of the series, while a member of OSTO, Gamou and Utahoshi found the Core Switch that the Presenters sent to the moon as a test for sentient life in the solar system. The two cracked the majority of the puzzle of the Core Switch, but clashed over the method by which the Presenters should be contacted, with Gamou's egocentric nature leading him to favor the immediate forced evolution of humans into beings able to withstand the rigors of transwarp travel using Zodiarts Switches over Utahoshi's plan to create the Fourze System which would take generations to complete. Three years after the finding, Gamou had Emoto steal the completed Zodiarts Switches from the OSTO lunar station and murder Utahoshi, though Emoto instead left him stranded on the moon. A decade before the events of the series, Gamou built Amanogawa High directly under The Hole, ostensibly in order to foster a love of space exploration in future generations. But in reality, with a funding arrangement set up with Foundation X, Gamou utilized the school to create and raise Zodiarts in order to find and gather all twelve members of the Horoscopes for the Day of Awakening. To that end, Gamou became one of the first Horoscopes, the powerful Sagittarius Zodiarts (サジタリウス・ゾディアーツ Sajitariusu Zodiātsu) who can generate a bow on his left forearm called Gilgamesh (ギルガメッシュ Girugamesshu) to unleash a barrage of Cosmic Energy arrows known as the Apostolos (アポストロス Aposutorosu). Like Tatsugami, it is seen that Gamou can utilize other Horoscopes Switches, but rarely does so as he prefers the overwhelming power of his own Switch. Because of his saturation with massive levels of negative cosmic energy, even in his human form Gamou is shown to possesses supernatural abilities such as giving other members of the Horoscopes the ability to acquire Supernova powers and the ability to conduct hypnotic suggestion that he uses on outsiders to drive them away, thus keeping his true agenda a secret from prying eyes.

During the first half of the series, Gamou uses the principle he set up in his school to encourage the manifestation of individuality in students so that Zodiarts selected from among them can do whatever pleases them in hope they can become Horoscopes, even if it means doing extensive damage to the school. Only the Horoscopes members are accounted for if they are defeated by a Kamen Rider one time too many. Gamou almost sends Principal Hayami to the Dark Nebula for failing him too many times until he suddenly acquires the power known as the Eye of Laplace - the Libra Zodiarts' Supernova power, convincing Gamou to revoke banishment and get their Horoscopes membership to ten while learning from Tatsugami, through Goto's powers, that the Core Switch still exists. With only two Horoscopes left, after Emoto reveals his true colors in aiding Kamen Riders Fourze and Meteor, Gamou makes himself known in his Zodiarts form as he easily defeats the two Kamen Riders. During the incident with the Gemini Zodiarts, whom he had a personal interest in due to Yuki having heard the Presenter like he had, Gamou begins to suspect Kengo to possess the Core Switch. Although he does not initially see the boy to be a threat, his identity being revealed in the process, Gamou's Day of Awakening is thwarted by Kengo using his Core Child powers to negate the Horoscopes Switches. Knowing that Kengo would need to die not only for the Day of Awakening to resume, but also so that Kengo would not get to the Presenters before he does, Gamou elects to perform Supernova on himself to attain the Sagittarius Nova (サジタリウス・ノヴァ Sajitariusu Nova) form, trading his bow and armor for a much lighter body. In this state Gamou can launch arrows from his left hand and perform a flying kick attack similar to a Rider Kick, with his leg surrounded by an aura of negative Cosmic Energy resembling an arrow. After sending the Leo Zodiarts to attack the Rabbit Hatch and lure out Kengo, who proceeds to leave Earth, Gamou arrives and crushes the Core Switch that maintains Kengo's life. Though he believes he will succeed this time, Sagittarius Nova finds himself facing Kamen Rider Fourze in his various forms before being defeated by Kamen Rider Fourze's Rider Rocket Drill Kick attack. Defeated and finally accepting Gentaro's ideals, he accepts Gentaro's friendship, but his body begins to evaporate into stardust due to side-effect of his forced evolution. After asking the Kamen Rider Club to meet the Presenters in his stead, Gamou leaves to spend his final moments alone and use what little time he has left in mending the broken Core Switch with the Aquarius Zodiarts' healing powers to resurrect Kengo.

The kanji that comprise Gamou's given name can be translated as "bright light" (光明 kōmei), which is one of the epithets of the Greek god Apollo. Apollo also was the god of archery, linking Gamou to Sagittarius the Archer.

Mituaki Gamou is portrayed by Shingo Tsurumi (鶴見 辰吾 Tsurumi Shingo). As a child, Gamou is portrayed by Musashi Takahata (高旗 武蔵 Takahata Musashi).[34]


Kageto Banba (番場 影人 Banba Kageto) was originally a part of Gamou's inner circle in developing the Zodiarts Switches. Though he left to devote himself in studying psychic ability, Banba took a Zodiarts Switch with him and used it to become the Hercules Zodiarts (ヘラクレス・ゾディアーツ Herakuresu Zodiatsu) with the ability to use his Cosmic Energy to conjure Dustards like the Horoscopes. Appearing at Amanogawa High five years after Gamou's death, Banba makes himself appear to be a supporter to the Monster League and created the Zeber that he gives to Saburo.

Banba is a homage to Emperor Banba (帝王バンバ Teiō Banba), the main antagonist of the first Inazuman series.

Kageto Banba is portrayed by Toshiya Toyama (遠山 俊也 Toyama Toshiya).


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