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Zoe Williams (born 3 April 1980) is an English television personality. She was raised in Lancashire, until she moved to the North East of England 2001 to study medicine at Newcastle University, where she gained her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree, passing the course with merit. Her mother is white and her father is from the West Indies.

During her second year of working as a full-time doctor in Newcastle she landed the role of starring as "Amazon" in Sky 1's prime-time TV show Gladiators, following her initial application to be a contestant on the show. In addition to this Sky asked Zoe to take on the role of the Green Gladiator, which means that she is the face of sky’s current green campaign and an ambassador for the promotion of environmentally friendly life choices.[1]

Williams is a keen sportswoman and has played women’s rugby at premiership level.[1]


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