Zogu I Boulevard

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Zog I Boulevard
Bulevardi Zogu i parë
Tirana Bulevardi Zogu central walkway.JPG
View of the Boulevard.
TypePublic square
Length1.1 km
LocationTirana,  Albania
Coordinates41°19′56″N 19°49′02″E / 41.3322°N 19.8173°E / 41.3322; 19.8173Coordinates: 41°19′56″N 19°49′02″E / 41.3322°N 19.8173°E / 41.3322; 19.8173
FromSkanderbeg Square
ToNew Boulevard of Tirana
Known forDedicated to Zog I of Albania

The Zogu I Boulevard or Boulevard Zog I (Albanian: Boulevardi Zogu i parë) (formerly Stalin Boulevard) is a major boulevard in Tirana, Albania, named after Zog I of Albania, who ruled the country between 1925 and 1939.

It runs in a northerly direction from the central Skanderbeg Square towards the recently completed New Boulevard of Tirana. South of the square the avenue becomes Dëshmorët e Kombit Boulevard, running south.[1] During the communist period, the Boulevard was named 'Stalin Boulevard' and the name was changed after the restoration of democracy in Albania.

In 2012, a statue of Zog I was placed in the boulevard in the event of the 100th Anniversary of the Independence of Albania.[2]

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