1868 Zollparlament election

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1868 German federal election

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All 382 seats in the Zollparlament
192 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  Rudolf von Bennigsen.jpg No image.svg No image.svg
Leader Rudolf von Bennigsen
Party NLP KP Centre
Leader since 1867
Last election 81 seats 66 seats New Party
Seats won 97 66 33
Seat change Increase 16 Steady Increase 33
Popular vote 765,782 487,730 315,777
Percentage 23.3% 14.8% 9.6%

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
  Benedikt Waldeck (IZ 54-1870 S 445).jpg No image.svg No image.svg
Leader Benedict Waldeck Eduard Georg von Bethusy-Huc
Leader since 1867 1866
Last election 29 seats 34 seats New Party
Seats won 31 37 17
Seat change Increase 2 Increase 3 Increase 17
Popular vote 287,869 219,419 112,872
Percentage 8.7% 6.7% 3.6%

1868 Zollparlament

President of the Reichstag before election

Eduard von Simson

President of the Zollparlament

Eduard von Simson

Elections to the Zollparlament of the German Zollverein were held in February and March 1868. The Zollparlament consisted of the members of the Reichstag of the North German Confederation and members from the South German states. Those South German members were elected in these elections, the North Germans were the Reichstag members elected the previous year.

In total, 85 South Germans were elected: 48 from Bavaria, 14 from Baden, six from Hesse-Darmstadt (additionally to the three Reichstag members in the province of Upper Hesse), and 17 from Württemberg. Most of the South German Zollparlament members were anti-Prussian regionalists. The outcome of the elections did not encourage Bismarck to take advantage of the Zollparlament as a vehicle for the politician unification of Germany.