Zolota Lypa River

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Damb across Zolota Lypa formed a large lake in the northern part of Berezhany, western Ukraine

Zolota Lypa (Ukrainian: Золота Липа, Polish: Złota Lipa) is a river in western Ukraine. It flows through Berezhany, Pidhaytsi and Monastyryska districts, forming the large Berezhany lake north of Berezhany. It is a left tributary of Dniester, belonging to the Black Sea basin.

Zolota Lypa both in Polish and Ukrainian means "a golden lime-tree". The river with the opposite meaning Hnyla Lypa (rotten lime-tree) flows parallel 30 km west from Berezhany.

A sketch of the Zolota Lypa.
The Zolota Lypa River.

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Coordinates: 49°25′02″N 24°58′05″E / 49.41722°N 24.96806°E / 49.41722; 24.96806