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Zoltán (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈzoltaːn]) is a Hungarian masculine given name. It originates from the Old Turkish word soltan, sultan, meaning strong authority or rulership, which was borrowed from the Arabic sultan, and derived from an Arabic verb Sultah meaning authority or power. In modern times Zoltan and Sultan are used to mean king. The name days for this name are 8 March and 23 June in Hungary, and 7 April in Slovakia.

  • Zoltán Varga (disambiguation)
  • Zoltan Mackay, a psychedelic musician from Glasgow, active since the 1980s.
  • Zoltan is a village in Ghidfalău Commune, Covasna County, Romania
  • Zoltán is the Hungarian name for Mihai Viteazu village, Saschiz Commune, Mureş County, Romania, formerly called Zoltan in Romanian.

In popular culture[edit]