Zoltan Sarosy

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Zoltan Sarosy
Born (1906-08-23) August 23, 1906 (age 110)
Budapest, Austria-Hungary
Residence Toronto, Canada
Occupation Professional chess player
Known for Winner of chess tournaments
Spouse(s) Heino Mallo (married 1930–1998; her death)

Zoltan Sarosy (born August 23, 1906) is a Canadian chess master, who was born in Budapest; he won numerous tournaments in his native country, before immigrating to Toronto in the early 1950s.

Early life[edit]

Sarosy was born in Budapest, Austria-Hungary on August 23, 1906. He started playing chess in public parks at the age of 10. He continued playing in school and while at university in Vienna, where he studied international trade. He graduated in 1928 and returned to Budapest where he continued his chess career.[2]


Sarosy won chess tournaments in several cities in Hungary including Nagykanizsa (1929), Pécs (1932), and Budapest (1934). During World War II he won the Hungarian Master Candidates Tournament at Diosgyor 1943. After the war, following a period in a refugee camp in West Germany, he moved to France in 1948. He drew a training match (2–2) with Alsace Champion Henri Sapin in 1950 and then emigrated to Canada, arriving in Halifax and then settling in Toronto. In Toronto he took up correspondence chess. He was thrice Canadian Correspondence Champion (1967, 1972, 1981), and was awarded the IMC title in 1988. In 2006 he was inducted into the Canadian Chess Hall of Fame.[3][4] He was still actively playing chess at the age of 108.[5]

Later life[edit]

At the end of World War II after having fled Hungary where he served as a military translator, and leaving his wife and daughter behind he later sent for them when he was in Canada, but his wife refused to leave the country so they divorced. After divorcing his first wife, he married Heino Mallo, an Estonian immigrant, in Canada. As of 2016, Sarosy lives in a retirement home on Bloor Street West, across from High Park.[2] On August 23, 2016, Sarosy became a supercentenarian, when he reached the age of 110 years, and at the time was the oldest living man and fourth oldest living person in Canada.[6][1]

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