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Zombicide logo.png
Zombicide logo
DesignersRaphaël Guiton
Jean-Baptiste Lullien
Nicolas Raoult
IllustratorsNicolas Fructus
Édouard Guiton
Mathieu Harlaut
Eric Nouhaut
Asterion Press
Black Monk
Edge Entertainment
Galápagos Jogos
Guillotine Games
Hobby World
Players1 to 6
Setup timeapprox. 5 minutes
Playing timeA game lasts for 20 minutes (beginner board) to 3 hours (expert board).
Random chanceDice rolling
Skills requiredstrategic thinking
Zombicide at Pyrkon, Poznań 2015

Zombicide, is a collaborative adventure board game with a modern zombie theme, created by Guillotine Games.[1] It was launched on Kickstarter by publisher CoolMiniOrNot and raised $781,597 from 5,258 backers.[citation needed]

In the game, each player controls from one (for 6 players) to four (solo game) "survivors", human beings in a zombie-infested town. In fact, "survivors" hastily change to "hunters" to smash zombies through and through. However, the team must constantly keep the balance between survival and slaughter: as the zombicide's going on, the "danger level" is going up and infected are growing in numbers. Any misstep can turn to disaster.[2]

Several sequels have been created and achieved major success: Prison Outbreak, Rue Morgue, and a fantasy-themed version Zombicide: Black Plague, all published by CoolMiniOrNot.

The franchise has raised $9,153,036 combined on Kickstarter as of 7 July 2015.[3] Zombicide: Black Plague, the 4th installment in the series, was the highest funded tabletop game Kickstarter ever (as of 7 July 2015).[4]


Each player in the game represents one or more survivors in a zombie apocalypse. Their goal is to complete the scenario objects dictated by their particular mission before being overrun by zombies. The game board represents a zombie-infested town, with large square tiles, laid according to the mission selected.

Before the beginning of the game, a mission is chosen. The playing area is built with board tiles and features (icons representing cars, doors and objectives) according to the selected mission. Each players chooses one or more survivors to play and everyone places their survivors on the starting area of the board.

A deck of zombie cards, which will be used to spawn zombies, is placed on the side of the board. The game starts after the group decides who will be the first player. In the game, time flows in “turns”, and each turn is composed of three “phases”.

In the first phase, the survivors perform their actions. They can move, attack and interact with inventory items. During their phase, players can trade items, move, kill zombies or perform other tasks to help their objective. They can also discuss strategies to triumph over the zombies. Also each survivor starts the game with a different zombie-fighting special ability. These special abilities grow as the survivor gains experience from defeating zombies and completing objectives during the game. After the first survivor completes their actions, the turn passes to the next survivor.

After each survivor has completed a turn of actions, the second phase begins. This "zombies phase" is completed by moving and attacking survivors with all the zombies on the board. These moves and attacks are programmed by the game mechanics, and are therefore completely predictable.

Finally comes the end phase, when tokens are managed, a new first players is determined, and another turn begins.

Throughout the game, survivors may collect better items and gain experience to help them kill more zombies and accomplish their mission.

If the players are able to complete all objectives, they are winners and may proceed to the following scenario. If, on the other hand, the zombies kill all survivors, the game is lost.[5]


The popularity of Zombicide led to the creation of stand-alone expansions and spin-off games. Spin-off games are self-contained and feature significantly different mechanics and settings: fantasy (Black Plague) and sci-fi (Invader). Each expansion and spin-off comes with special scenarios and miniatures to play with.

Title Release Type Setting Features
Zombicide 2012 Core Modern Can be stand alone
Zombicide: Prison Outbreak 2013 Core Modern Can be stand alone
Toxic City Mall 2013 Expansion Modern
Zombicide: Rue Morgue 2015 Core Modern Can be stand alone
Angry Neighbors 2015 Expansion Modern
Zombicide: Black Plague 2015 Core Fantasy Can be stand alone
Wulfsburg 2016 Expansion Fantasy
Zombicide: Green Horde 2018 Core Fantasy Can be stand alone
Friends and Foes 2018 Expansion Fantasy
No Rest for the Wicked 2018 Expansion Fantasy
Zombicide: Invader 2019 Core Sci-Fi Can be stand alone
Black Ops 2019 Expansion Sci-Fi
Zombicide: Dark Side 2019 Core Sci-Fi Can be stand alone
Zombicide: Second Edition 2020 Core Modern Can be stand alone
Washington Z.C. 2020 Expansion Modern Campaign
Fort Hendrix 2020 Expansion Modern Campaign
Night of the Living Dead 2020 Core Tie-in Licensed game
Undead or Alive 2021 Core Wild West


Zombicide has generally received positive reviews with spin-off games receiving more favorable reviews than the original board game. Board Game Authority have mentioned that it is "a perfect fit for all zombie themed lovers".[6] Board Games Land noted that the board game was "brilliantly thought out and beautifully crafted game",[7] whereas Tech Raptor said "The game is fun and challenging if you like cooperative games".[8]


2013: As d'Or - Jeu de l'Année - Nominee[9]

2013: Golden Geek Best Thematic Board Game - Nominee[10]

2013: Le Lys Passioné - Finalist

2013: Ludo Award Best Board Game Editor's Choice - Winner

2013: Ludo Award Best Board Game Popular - Winner

2013: Tric Trac - Finalist[11]


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