Zombie Apocalypse (band)

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Zombie Apocalypse
Also known asBoddicker
OriginNew York, NY, United States
GenresCrossover thrash, metalcore
Years active1998
LabelsIn at the Deep End, Hell Bent, Indecision
MembersMatt Fox
Matthew Fletcher
Ronen Kauffman
Eric Dellon
Greg Thomas
Russel Saunders

Zombie Apocalypse is an American crossover thrash/metalcore band, formed by current members of Shai Hulud, Shallow Water Grave, and The Risk Taken, as well as former members of the 1990s New Jersey band Try.Fail.Try. In 1998, Shai Hulud members Matt Fox and Chad Gilbert created a zombie-themed band project, called Boddicker.[1] They recruited ex-Poison the Well guitarist Russel Saunders. Boddicker recorded a two-song demo in 1998 that was never released. Those two songs are now Zombie Apocalypse songs.

Their music is characterized by very short, thrashcore-like, fast songs thematically concerned with zombies and the apocalypse, as the band name would imply. Their lyrics have a political undercurrent that uses horrific imagery as a metaphor to touch on various political, personal, and social issues. They have released two albums: This Is a Spark of Life, on Indecision Records and featuring artwork by Dan Henk, and a split with Leeds, UK-based, and fellow zombie enthusiasts, Send More Paramedics, called Tales Told by Dead Men, released in North America on Hell Bent Records and in Europe on In at the Deep End Records. They also contributed a cover of "Welcome to the Jungle" to a Guns N' Roses tribute album released by Reignition Records.

Although the term "zombiecore" has been used with reference to Zombie Apocalypse, the band itself has never made any claim to any specific genre.


In an interview with Lambgoat [2] Matt Fox revealed that an album is planned, and some songs have been written and a title decided. However, due to scheduling conflicts it is uncertain when the record will be completed.



  • Matt Fox - guitar (guitar for Shai Hulud)
  • Matthew Fletcher - bass (bass for Shai Hulud)
  • Ronen Kauffman - vocals (vocals for try.fail.try; vocals for The Hostage)
  • Eric Dellon - vocals (vocals for Shai Hulud; drums for Shallow Water Grave)
  • Greg Thomas - guitar (guitar for Shai Hulud; vocals for Shallow Water Grave)
  • Russel Saunders - guitar (guitarist for Poison the Well)

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