Zombie College

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Zombie College
Genre Black comedy
Created by Eric Kaplan
Voices of David Herman
Pamela Segall
John DiMaggio
Billy West
Tress MacNeille
Greg Eagles
Country of origin United States United States of America.
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 12
Running time 3 to 7 minutes
Picture format Flash cartoon
Original release 2000 – 2001
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Zombie College was an American Flash cartoon series created by television writer Eric Kaplan and directed by John Rice for Icebox.com. 12 episodes were produced.

Pre-production work was done in Los Angeles at Icebox, while the flash animation was handled by Seattle's Smashing Ideas.[1]

The series was originally pitched as TV series for Fox but an agreement was never reached. The show was acquired by Mondo Mini Shows in 2000.[2]

Plot summary[edit]

The series follows Scott a college freshman who follows his girlfriend Zelda to Arkford University, a college where there are many zombie students. She breaks up with him and Scott becomes friends with a Zombie named Zeke. Over the course of the series Scott and Zelda both become Zombies and get back together, only to break up again.


Scott: (voiced by David Herman) The show's main character who tries to get his girlfriend Zelda to be with him again no matter if he puts his life in danger.

Zelda: (voiced by Pamela Segall) Scott's on again off again girlfriend.

Zeke: (voiced by John DiMaggio) A zombie who becomes Scott's friend after trying to kill him. He doesn't have a body but he manages to walk and do manual activities with the intestines sticking out of his neck.

Julius: (voiced by Billy West): A zombie who does not have flesh on his skull but is able to talk and do everything normally. He is Zeke's and Scott's fraternity friend.

Graham: (voiced by Billy West): Zelda's new boyfriend after she breaks up with Scott for the second time. As a zombie Zelda tries to eat his brain but he is saved by Scott who takes him to the hospital where his brain is supposedly eaten by the same girl who turned Scott into a zombie in the last episode.

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