Zombie Heaven

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Zombie Heaven
Box set by The Zombies
Released 18 November 1997
Genre Rock, pop
Length 4:59:29
Label Big Beat Records
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars [1]

Zombie Heaven is a 1997 four-disc box set comprising roughly the entire catalog of British invasion band The Zombies. The first disc comprises their debut Begin Here and assorted singles. The second disc features their sophomore effort Odessey and Oracle and the unreleased album R.I.P.. Disc 3 is composed of rare and unissued recordings, including demos, alternate takes, EP tracks, and R.I.P. tracks without the additional instrumentation, while the fourth disc collects live recordings from the band's appearance on the BBC.

The accompanying 64-page booklet features interviews with the original band members and associated friends and engineers, as well as a brief history of each song in the set and a timeline featuring nearly every Zombies tour date.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1[edit]

Begin Here & Singles
No. Title Length
1. "She's Not There" (from Begin Here)  
2. "You Make Me Feel Good" (B-side of "She's Not There")  
3. "Leave Me Be" (from November 1964 A-side)  
4. "Woman" (B-side of "Leave Me Be")  
5. "Tell Her No" (from December 1964 A-side)  
6. "What More Can I Do" (B-side of "Tell Her No")  
7. "Road Runner" (from Begin Here)  
8. "Summertime" (from Begin Here)  
9. "I Can't Make Up My Mind" (from Begin Here)  
10. "The Way I Feel Inside" (B-side of "Gotta Get a Hold of Myself")  
11. "Work 'n' Play" (from Begin Here)  
12. "You Really Got a Hold On Me/Bring It on Home to Me" (from Begin Here)  
13. "Sticks and Stones" (from Begin Here)  
14. "Can't Nobody Love You" (from Begin Here)  
15. "I Don't Want to Know" (from Begin Here)  
16. "I Remember When I Loved Her" (from Begin Here)  
17. "I Got My Mojo Working" (from Begin Here)  
18. "She's Coming Home" (from March 1965 A-side)  
19. "I Must Move" (B-side of "She's Coming Home")  
20. "I Want You Back Again" (from June 1965 A-side)  
21. "Whenever You're Ready" (from August 1965 A-side)  
22. "I Love You" (B-side of "Whenever You're Ready")  
23. "Is This the Dream" (from February 1965 A-side)  
24. "Don't Go Away" (B-side of "Is This the Dream")  
25. "Remember You" (B-side of "Just out of Reach")  
26. "Just Out of Reach" (from September 1965 A-side)  
27. "Indication" (from June 1966 A-side)  
28. "How We Were Before" (B-side of "Indication")  
29. "Gotta Get a Hold of Myself" (from September 1966 A-side)  
30. "Goin' Out of My Head" (from March 1967 A-side)  
31. "She Does Everything For Me" (B-side of "Goin' Out of My Head")  

Disc 2[edit]

Odessey and Oracle (1-12) & The Lost Album (13-25)
No. Title Length
1. "Care of Cell 44"  
2. "A Rose for Emily"  
3. "Maybe After He's Gone"  
4. "Beechwood Park"  
5. "Brief Candles"  
6. "Hung Up on a Dream"  
7. "Changes"  
8. "I Want Her She Wants Me"  
9. "This Will Be Our Year"  
10. "Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)"  
11. "Friends of Mine"  
12. "Time of the Season"  
13. "I'll Call You Mine" (B-side of "Time of the Season")  
14. "Imagine The Swan" (from the May 1969 A-side)  
15. "Conversation off Floral Street" (B-side of "Imagine the Swan")  
16. "If It Don't Work Out" (from the July 1969 A-side)  
17. "Don't Cry For Me" (B-side of "If It Don't Work Out")  
18. "I Know She Will" (from Time of the Zombies)  
19. "Walking In the Sun" (from Time of the Zombies)  
20. "I'll Keep Trying" (from The Best And The Rest Of The Zombies)  
21. "I'll Call You Mine" (B-side of "Time of the Season" with piano and vocal overdubs added, from Time of the Zombies)  
22. "Smokey Day" (from Time of the Zombies)  
23. "She Loves The Way They Love Her" (from Time of the Zombies)  
24. "Girl Help Me" (from The Best And The Rest Of The Zombies)  
25. "I Could Spend the Day" (from The Best And The Rest Of The Zombies)  
26. "A Rose for Emily" (Alternate version)  
27. "This Will Be Our Year" (Stereo)  
28. "Time of the Season" (US radio spot)  

Disc 3[edit]

In The Studio
No. Title Length
1. "Summertime" (Demo)  
2. "Woman" (Demo)  
3. "Kind of Girl" (Demo)  
4. "Leave Me Be" (Demo)  
5. "I'm Going Home" (Alternate takes)  
6. "I'm Going Home"  
7. "Sometimes" (False starts)  
8. "Sometimes" (from January 1965 The Zombies EP)  
9. "It's Alright With Me" (from January 1965 The Zombies EP)  
10. "Kind of Girl" (from January 1965 The Zombies EP)  
11. "Walking in the Sun" (Undubbed)  
12. "The Way I Feel Inside" (False start)  
13. "The Way I Feel Inside" (Rehearsal)  
14. "I Want You Back Again" (Alternate version)  
15. "Nothing's Changed" (Backing track)  
16. "Nothing's Changed" (from Bunny Lake is Missing)  
17. "Remember You" (Bunny Lake is Missing soundtrack version)  
18. "Come On Time"  
19. "I'll Keep Trying" (Undubbed)  
20. "Whenever You're Ready" (Demo)  
21. "You'll Go From Me" (a.k.a. "Don't Go Away", Ddemo)  
22. "I Know She Will" (Undubbed)  
23. "Don't Cry for Me" (Undubbed)  
24. "If It Don't Work Out" (Undubbed)  
25. "One Day I'll Say Goodbye" (Home demo)  
26. "I Don't Want to Worry" (Home demo)  
27. "A Love That Never Was" (Demo)  
28. "Call of the Night" (a.k.a. "Girl Help Me", Demo)  
29. "Out of the Day" (Demo)  
30. "This Will Be Our Year" (Demo)  
31. "Bunny Lake promo spot"  

Disc 4[edit]

Live on the BBC
No. Title Length
1. "Road Runner"  
2. "You Make Me Feel Good"  
3. "Early One Morning"  
4. "She's Not There"  
5. "Tell Her No"  
6. "What More Can I Do"  
7. "I'm Going Home"  
8. "For You My Love"  
9. "Tell Her No"  
10. "Soulville"  
11. "Rip It Up"  
12. "Can't Nobody Love You"  
13. "You Must Believe Me"  
14. "She's Coming Home"  
15. "I Must Move"  
16. "Just Out of Reach"  
17. "If It Don't Work Out"  
18. "Whenever You're Ready"  
19. "It's All Right"  
20. "Will You Love Me Tomorrow"  
21. "When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through Her Eyes"  
22. "Just a Little Bit"  
23. "Sitting in the Park"  
24. "Gotta Get a Hold of Myself"  
25. "Goin' Out of My Head"  
26. "This Old Heart of Mine"  
27. "Friends of Mine"  
28. "The Look of Love"  
29. "Kenny Everett Show jingle"  


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