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Zombie Hotel
GenreAnimation, comedy horror
Created byJan Van Rijsselberge
Directed byLilly-Anne
Voices ofAileen Mythen
Hillary Kavanagh
Roger Gregg
Susan Slott
Danna Davis
Rod Goodall
Philip McGettigan
Paul Tylak
Opening themeZombie Hotel Theme
Ending themeZombie Hotel Theme (instrumental)
Country of originFrance
Original languagesFrench
No. of episodes26 (list of episodes)
Executive producersPaul Cummins
Christian Davin
Clément Calvet
Ralph Christians
Theresa Plummer Andrews
ProducersSiobhán Ní Ghadhra
Moe Honan
Production locationsUK
Running timeApprox. 25 mins
Production companyAlphanim Animation
Original networkCBBC (UK) (2006–2008)
ABC3 (Australia) (2006–2009)
TG4 Cúla 4 (Ireland) (2005–)
Starz Kids & Family (U.S) (2012–2014)
Yle TV2 (Finland) (2006–2007)
Original releaseJanuary 2005 – July 2007
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Zombie Hotel is an Irish/French animated children's television series about a hotel run by zombies, created by Jan Van Rijsselberge,[1] produced by French production company Alphanim and shown internationally.


The main characters are Fungus and Maggot, two child zombies who pretend to be human to get into their local school, and their family and boarders at the hotel run by their parents. They make friends with Sam, a human boy whose mother is away most of the time. Sam soon finds out about their zombie powers and all three make a team of friends. Sam uses an old railway carriage as his haunt. The plot often involves a risk of the discovery of Maggot and Fungus' zombie nature and the three trying to prevent this. The hotel itself is one of several main locations used in the show. Others include the school and Sam's railway carriage.


  • Maggot is the courageous, bossy and hot-headed twin sister of Fungus. (Voiced by Aileen Mythen)
  • Fungus is the hardworking, cool brother who loves doing impossible DIY. (Voiced by Hillary Kavanagh)
  • Sam is Maggot and Fungus' human friend.
  • Rictus is the children's father who runs the Zombie Hotel. He doesn't get along with his father well. (Voiced by Roger Gregg)
  • Funerella is Rictus' wife. She gets worried a lot, but loves her family. (Voiced by Susan Slott)
  • Jeebies is the hotel's elderly butler, who has a hunched back. He is quite prone to losing his limbs. (Voiced by Rod Goodall)
  • Chef is a grouchy vampire who is the head chef in the hotel. He is known for his horrible food creations which even the zombies find hard to eat sometimes.
  • Wilson is Chef's assistant. His head is detachable and it is shown he can replace it with a new one. (Voiced by Philip McGettigan)
  • The Colonel is a small-headed, but rotund bodied zombie who used to be in the military. He is a resident of the hotel and often rolls using his round shape. In one episode it shows that he may have some feelings for Dame Fedora (Voiced by Paul Tylak)
  • Dame Fedora is a ghost resident at the hotel who never stops complaining about things.
  • Uncle Von is Maggot and Fungus' crazy scientist uncle. He has a laboratory in the hotel.
  • Francis is Von's creation and sidekick, a Frankenstein's monster style character.
  • Tut is a mummified DJ who likes telling bad jokes. (Voiced by Gary Hetzler)
  • Miss Harriet Harbottle is Maggot and Fungus' teacher. (Voiced by Danna Davis)
  • Mr. Peabody is the headteacher of Maggot and Fungus' school. (Voiced by Patrick Fitzsymons)
  • Harvey Justine is Harbottle's adolescent nephew/son, who Maggot, Fungus and Sam have to often reluctantly babysit. He's similar too Sam in that he loves zombies. Though he doesn't yet realise that Maggot & Fungus aren't dressed up and wearing makeup like zombies.
  • Araminta is Sam's mother who is away on business a lot.
  • Eli is a student genius at school. Though he made a presentation about Zombies, he thought that Zombies are nasty creatures.


  1. First Day
  2. Love is in the Air
  3. Plumbing the Depths
  4. Zombie Pride
  5. Brat Attack
  6. There's Something About Zombies
  7. Vote for Zombie
  8. Happy People
  9. Oh My Goth!
  10. It's Not Fair
  11. Funerella's Deathday
  12. The Bogeyman Cometh
  13. Dead Trendy
  14. Something Old, Something Newt
  15. Too Many Cooks
  16. Hexed
  17. Inspector Fungus
  18. School Exchange
  19. Movie Madness
  20. The Wrong Von
  21. Night of the Undead Babysitters!
  22. Toying with Magic
  23. Carrots, Sticks and Robots
  24. A Zombie's Best Friend
  25. The Hug Bug
  26. A Class Act


Zombie Hotel has won a number of awards including Best TV series at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry 2006 awards.


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