Zombie Panic in Wonderland

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Zombie Panic in Wonderland
Zombie Panic in Wonderland Coverart.png
Developer(s) Akaoni Studio
Publisher(s) Akaoni Studio
Designer(s) Jose M. Iñiguez
Programmer(s) Carlos Campaña, Atsuhito Saito
Artist(s) Bomi, David Fernández Huerta, Alex Fernández Pons
Composer(s) Joan Martorell Adrover[*]
Platform(s) Wii (WiiWare), Nintendo 3DS eShop, iOS
  • JP: March 16, 2010
  • NA: May 3, 2010
  • EU: April 9, 2010
Genre(s) Third-person shooter, Cabal shooter
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Zombie Panic in Wonderland (ゾンビ イン ワンダーランド?, Zombie in Wonderland) is a frenetic third-person shooter for WiiWare. Released in 2010 by Spanish videogame developer Akaoni Studio, Zombie Panic in Wonderland was first released in Japan by Marvelous Entertainment on March 16 of the same year. Soon after, it came out in both Europe and North America, on April 9 and May 3, respectively. An updated version of the game, Zombie Panic in Wonderland Plus, was released on the iTunes App Store for the Apple iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad on 7 February 2013.[1] Another version of the game, Zombie Panic in Wonderland DX, was released on the Nintendo 3DS on 30 October 2014.[2]


In order to become the centre of attention, a self-centered prince develops by error a magical perfume that turns everybody who smells it into a zombie. Characters from all over the popular eastern and western fable world, such as Snow White, Momotaro, Alice, Dorothy and Little Red Riding Hood will have to confront the “amorous zombies” who are invading the Fairy Tale world in order to resolve the mystery of Prince Charming and his “scented dwarfs” before it is too late.


The story begins in setting as Momotaro walks into town, remarking of how he has not been in town for a long time. He finds the town deserted, however everything seems to be intact. Momotaro is attacked in a sweet shop by zombies, and defends himself and makes his way to his friends. After a brief battle at the festival grounds, he reaches an animal shrine in which he is attacked by his friends, all fused into one zombie. He defeats them, and before falling unconscious, the monkey says, "Scented Dwarves..." He finds a cage nearby, and cuts it open, revealing dwarves. They have no idea of the occurrences, and only say the zombies were going to take them north. Momotaro begins to make his way north, and encounters Dorothy(The Wizard of Oz). She has been looking for the Tin Man, who had been acting strange since dwarves had run through Oz.She joins his party, as they fight through Oz, the situation being no better than Momotaro's village. They encounter the Tin Man, who has been affected by the plague, and fight him. As he is defeated, before he burns out, he only mutters something about scented dwarves. They find more dwarves locked up nearby, being sent to a castle in the north. They continue to battle more of the infected, and they reach the castle. They find Snow White, who is arguing with a knight, trying to get inside of the castle. She fights a knight, and they are swarmed by zombies, and the knights, including the inhabitants of the castle, are also affected. Once inside, they find Prince Charming, who has some demonic characteristics, who still retains all of his intellect. Snow White begins to argue with him, and he tells her to calm down, since she is making a scene. The statement provokes a fight, and he is defeated, revealing that he made the plague, since he wanted the inhabitants of Wonderland to fall in love with him. He went further with the plan, to become immortal, and apologizes for the trouble. He gives a potion, which is the cure, and it states they all live Happily Ever After.



The game has been positively welcome in Japan, ranking first on the list for WiiWare sales. On March 11, 2010, Famitsu Magazine referred to the video game using the emblem “GJ!” (standing for good job) in a double page dedicated article.

Other specialized magazines such as Nintendo Dream vol.193 and Dengeki Games vol.6 have also shown their interest for the videogame.

All of these articles and their subsequent user comments make special emphasis on the surprisingly “Japanese” touch of every final aspect regarding this videogame.

The success of the game has become so remarkable that the cinematographic production company of George A. Romero in Japan, introduced a tie-in of Zombie Panic in Wonderland this past May 28 along with their latest movie release Survival of the Dead. This combined advertising strategy consisted on the distribution of posters, wallpapers and clocks for cell phones parodying the crossbreed between both products.


Before it was released, Zombie Panic in Wonderland was introduced at the Nintendo Media Summit in 2009, that took place in London, as one of the most promising projects for WiiWare and labeled as the “best WiiWare game” by the official Nintendo magazine in Spain, Nintendo Accion.

After being released into the market, the video game reached first in the main European countries’ popularity rankings.

It has been analysed and given good ratings by the main video game specialized webpages in Europe, which have valued its addictive playability, along with its artistic and technical characteristics.[citation needed]

Followers and users of the action genre have given the game an even better grade.

The video game has caused a great impact in the Spanish media industry, leading to interviews and articles regarding its creators in the mainstream television channels of the country, radio programs, magazines and outstanding newspapers.

North America[edit]

The game has followed the same succeeding steps in North America as it previously did in both Japan and Europe.


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