Zombina and The Skeletones

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Zombina and The Skeletones
Zombina and the Skeletones before a show in Germany in 2008
Background information
Also known as ZATS
Origin Liverpool, England
Genres Horror punk, Deathrock, Gothic rock, Dark Cabaret
Years active 1998–present
Labels Ectoplastic
Associated acts aPAtT, Voltaire
Website zombina.com
Members Zombina
Kyle K'Thulu
Doc Horror
Ben Digo
X-Ray Speck

Zombina and The Skeletones are a horror punk band from Liverpool, England, formed in 1998 around the nucleus of vocalist Zombina and songwriter Doc Horror,[1][2]

Their musical style is pop-oriented, with elements of garage punk, doo-wop and hard rock. Due to their apparent obsession with B-movies and black humour, their fanbase extends to the gothic rock, deathrock and psychobilly scenes.[3] The majority of their lyrical content deals with themes of horror and science fiction.



Zombina met Doc Horror at Calderstones School in 1998. They started a band called The Deformed, producing a demo tape "No Sleep 'Til Transylvania", in early 1999[2] . This tape featured songs that would later be featured on Zombina and The Skeletones albums: "The Grave... And Beyond!", "Braindead" and "Leave My Brain Alone". Since the early years of their formation, the band established a strong B-Movie informed horror theme recalling the early efforts of Misfits and The Cramps.[2]


Zombina performs with the band in London in May 2009

In 2005, Zombina and The Skeletones were a featured unsigned band on Mark Radcliffe's show on BBC Radio 2. They have also toured the UK with bands such as The Damned, Misfits and The Meteors.[4]

2006 saw the band headlining Lumous Gothic Festival, Finland.[5] Then in 2007, they played at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen, the very large goth/alternative festival in Leipzig, Germany.[6] They have also played the British Whitby Gothic Weekend four times, first in 2004 and most recently in 2013.

Zombina and The Skeletones have been featured in the UK magazine, Bizarre, and played live at the 2008 "Bizarre Ball" in London.[7][8] They were scheduled to appear at "Abertoir, the Welsh Horror Festival", and performed as part of the festival.

The band was largely in hiatus during 2012, performing only one show (supporting the Primitives). A new EP, That Doll Just Tried to Kill Me, was released at Halloween 2012, with a Halloween show on 3 November 2012 in Liverpool, anticipating an album release in early 2013.

The whole line-up of Zombina and The Skeletones guest-starred in Cuban American singer Voltaire's 2014 album Raised by Bats, providing additional vocals for the track "Oh, My Goth!".


The band has received positive reviews from the UK music scene website Drowned in Sound.[9] Their 2005 "Counting on your Suicide" was selected by goth/punk journalist Mick Mercer as one of his "Thirty best goth records of all time".[10]


Current lineup[edit]

Past members[edit]

  • Velma - Backing Vocals (aka Di Booth)
  • Tiddles - Backing Vocals
  • Grim Outlook - Guitar (1999–2004)
  • Taylor Woah - Guitar (2004) (currently with The Bendal Interlude)
  • Ratt-Lynn Bones aka Kit Shivers
  • Kit Shivers - Drums/Guitar (1999–2005)
  • Louie Diablo - Guitar/Vocals/Handclaps (2004–2006) (currently with The Stig Sound-System)
  • Pete Martin - Drums (2006)
  • Jonny Tokyo - Keyboard/Bass/Vocals (1999–2008)
  • Jettison Dervish - Bass (2005-17 May 2008) (currently with Lovecraft)



  • The Eerie Years (comprises the Love Bites and Silver Bullet EPs)
  • Taste the Blood of Zombina and The Skeletones (2002)
  • Death Valley High (2006)
  • Monsters On 45 (2006) reissued 2009 with extra track
  • Out of the Crypt and Into Your Heart (2008)
  • Charnel House Rock (2014)


  • Get Thee Behind Me Santa (Puppy Dog Records 2002) - includes 'Transylvanian Xmas'
  • Too Much Horror Business A Tribute to The Misfits - includes 'Misfits Medley'


  • Loves Bites (2000)
  • Halloween Hollerin'! (2003) (now available as a download EP with an extra track)
  • 7 Song Promo EP (2004)
  • 3 Songs vs. Your Brain (2006)
  • A Chainsaw For Christmas (download EP) (2006)
  • Halloween Party Classics (download EP) (2007)
  • That Doll Just Tried To Kill Me (2012)
  • In Sinistereo (Part One) (2015)
  • In Sinistereo (Part Two) (2015)
  • In Sinistereo (Part Three) (2016)
  • In Sinistereo (Part Four) (2017)

7" EP Trilogy[edit]

  • I Was A Human Bomb For The F.B.I. (2004)
  • Mondo Zombina! (2005)
  • Staci Stasis (2005)


  • Silver Bullet (2001)
  • Frankenlady (2002)
  • Nobody Likes You When You're Dead b/w Deflesh Mode remix (2002)
  • Dracula Blood b/w Deep Vein Thrombosis remix download single (2007)
  • Teenage Caveman Beat Gargantua / Futurelife (2011)


  • Dial Z for Zombina (recorded live at Club Useless 14 September 2004)


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