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Developer(s)End Game
ReleaseMarch 14, 2018
Genre(s)Battle royale
Mode(s)Multiplayer, Limited-Time-Mode (LTM)

ZombsRoyale.io is a 2D battle royale video game developed by an American studio, End Game. It was released on 2018 for iOS,[1] Android and on web browsers.[2][3] Similar to other titles in the battle royale genre, players fight against other players on a large map from a top-down perspective, scavenging for supplies and weapons.


The game is played in rounds that last for several minutes. Each round admits between 50 and 100 players. Players are represented by circular figures on a 2D grid-like playing field, surrounded by a circular blue zone (called "the gas") that shrinks as the game advances, forcing players into a smaller and smaller area. Players take 2-10 health damage the longer they remain in the zone and can be eliminated if they stay there too long.[4] Players start the game with no weapons other than their fists or any melee skins. Weapons and healing items can be found across the map in loot containers, such as boxes, crates, and chests. Loot containers are located throughout the map inside and outside of buildings. Some healing items are bandages (heals 15 HP), medkit (heals to full HP), Small Shield (adds 25 shield), Big Shield (adds 50 shield), Hybrid Potion (heals 25 and shields 25 over time) and the healing weapon (heals 13 per shot). Weapons have power based on their rarity and are classified as common (grey), uncommon (green), rare (blue), epic (purple), legendary (gold), or mythic (red).[2] These are stored in a five-slot inventory (excluding the melee slot).

A match of ZombsRoyale.io.

Monetization and modes[edit]

There are multiple modes, the main ones being Solo, Duos, Squads and LTMs (limited time modes). LTMs has different modes that pop up for a limited time, hence the name. Some limited time modes include: Zombies, Protect the VIP, Weapons Race, Mystery Mode, 50v50, and Superpower mode. There has been an old, hidden gamemode that players can access by joining the tournament using code "CC" Which is a game of 4 players on 2 teams which has an objective to destroy the opponent's team's crystal before the 5-minute timer runs out. There used to be another gamemode called "Space Battle" but was later removed from the game and cannot be played. In the Duos, Squads and some LTM modes, the player can be revived by teammates after they get knocked. ZombsRoyale features different seasons; every season there are new locations, features, and weapons. Each season also has its own battle pass, which you level up to earn rewards like different cosmetics, emotes, and more. There are 2 different currencies in the game, Gold and Gems. Gems can be used to upgrade your pass or purchases cosmetics in the Shop. Currently the game is on Season 24 (Animals/Mecha). Every 1–3 months or so, a new season releases with a new battle pass, POI's and skins.[5]


ZombsRoyale is developed by End Game.[6] The studio got its start building websites such as PokeVision, which helps users catch Pokemon in Pokémon Go. They then started making browser games after seeing the success of other games such as Slither.io. They first created Zombs.io, then Spinz.io and finally ZombsRoyale.io. The game was built in around 4 weeks, but after its successful launch, End Game spent the rest of 2018 supporting it.[7]

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