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North face
South face

The Zomerdijkstraat is a small street in the Amsterdam neighborhood Rivierenbuurt, consisting of apartment buildings and a hallmark building, the studio complex at the Zomerdijkstraat. A classified monument, the building was designed by the functionalist architects Piet Zanstra, J.H.L. Giesen en K.L. Sijmons.

The building is a pivotal work in Dutch architecture of the early thirties. The architects were members of "Groep 32", strongly inspired by the work of Le Corbusier. They combined a functional architecture with artistic elements, of which the studio apartment block is a prime example.

Artists living and working in the studios included Gerrit van der Veen, Paul Grégoire, Jan Wolkers, Cees Kortlang, Jaap Wagemaker, John Grosman, Jet Schepp, Piet Esser, Fred Carasso en Bernard de Wolff.

Coordinates: 52°20′33″N 4°54′13″E / 52.34250°N 4.90361°E / 52.34250; 4.90361